Watch for the DNR Forum on DNR’s media center for updates and information. If the forum is successful, DNR hopes to have more online conversations in the future.

Geoduck aquaculture on state tidelands

The first DNR Forum topic is regarding geoduck aquaculture on state-owned public tidelands. DNR wants to engage a broad range of people including scientific, aquaculture, environmental, tribal, and other interested residents of Washington State to hear what people think about the potential of geoduck aquaculture on state-owned tidelands.

Providing information and seeking community discussion is an important part of educated and thoughtful decision making. Background information about DNR’s discussion, and links to a wide variety of sources regarding research and information about geoduck aquaculture can be found on DNR’s geoduck aquaculture forum page..

DNR — steward of 2.6 million acres of state-owned aquatic lands

As steward of the 2.6 million acres of state aquatic lands, DNR manages the bedlands under Puget Sound, the coast, many of Washington’s beaches, and natural lakes and navigable rivers. DNR manages these lands not only to facilitate navigation, commerce, and public access, but also to ensure protection of aquatic habitat.

State-owned aquatic lands include:

· About 88,000 acres of state-owned tidelands, or 137 square miles

· 10,000 acres of harbor areas

· Nearly all submerged marine lands below extreme low tide—that’s 3,430 square miles of bedlands under navigable waters, as well as freshwater shorelands and bedlands

Peter Goldmark, who administers the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, is Washington’s 13th Commissioner of Public Lands since statehood in 1889.