“Students worked with local businesses to raise money and food; we did variety shows, staff competitions and many other creative things,” says Hoquiam teacher Bonnie Jump. “Hoquiam raised $12,000 in one day alone. It’s the most amazing display of generosity that one can witness in our tiny community.”

Said Jim Berk, CEO, Participant Media, “We are thrilled by the fantastic response to our call to action to help ‘Feed the Need.’ Our alliance with DoSomething.org for the social action campaign for The Soloist is a perfect example of how we leverage our entertainment projects to activate change and make a difference in the lives of others.”

“We set a goal of one million pounds of food, and these kids blew it out of the water,” said DoSomething CEO Nancy Lublin. “DoSomething provides the support, but the energy and initiative is all theirs.”

Opening April 24, The Soloist is the true story of the friendship between Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Nathaniel Anthony Ayers (Jamie Foxx), a Juilliard-trained musician who is now homeless and playing his music on the streets of downtown L.A. www.takepart.com/thesoloist