SHELTON, Wash. – Jamie Renae Sepulveda, 33, Shelton, who was reported missing on the evening of January 20, was located late in the afternoon Friday when she called in to MACECOM to say that she was not actually missing. Investigators say she had decided to go to Wenatchee because of family issues and did not intend to return to Shelton. 
In missing person cases, investigators always verify missing people calling in are in fact the person they represent themselves to be. Investigators were not actually able to verify the person they talked to was Jamie until early this morning.
Sepulveda was reported missing after being last seen at her residence located near West Kingfisher Lane, southwest of Shelton, on January 19, 2010, at about 9:00 AM. Relatives told investigators that Sepulveda had a dental appointment in Shelton, at 10 AM on January 19, but never arrived for that appointment. 
Investigators were able to bring this case to a conclusion quickly partly due to media coverage. Sepulveda told investigators she had gotten a call from a friend stating she learned Sepulveda had been reported missing based on a radio newscast and contact from an investigator.