Nancy has decided that maybe coming in during her vacation break just once a week won’t disrupt the healing relaxation that she has been enjoying, and we’re absolutely delighted!   I had been giving myself little pep talks each day, saying ‘cinnamon rolls do not have to be a part of your daily food group, relax, you can survive until February’.  Someone up there is smiling on us, because Nancy is baking cinnamon rolls and pies on Friday!  I swear, I did not pressure her.  Not one single word passed my lips.  However, my face sometimes betrays me, and the anguish from a lack of Nancy’s cinnamon rolls was becoming hard to conceal.  
There are so many special events going on in town this week that I’ll need that extra boost of energy!  The highly anticipated opening of Pure Clothing in downtown Hoquiam happens this Saturday at 11am.  This is definitely a wonderful addition to our shopping options, and my fingers are positively twitching in excitement!  Pure Clothing is my idea of the perfect store- they sell mostly pre-owned clothing!  I am a dedicated thrift store shopper, and firmly believe in the redistribution of goods.  It bothers me not one bit to find a delicious cashmere sweater that someone no longer wanted.  Recycling has become a “revolution in reuse”.  Once more Hoquiam is on the cutting edge of living a cleaner and greener lifestyle.  
Saturday is also a banner day for Aberdeen and the newly renovated D & R Theater.  I am still pinching myself that we have tickets to see Robert Cray performing right here on Grays Harbor!  Heck, I’d have gladly driven to Seattle to hear this fabulous music, and all I have to do is drive across town.  How sweet is that?  I’ve been buying his albums since way back when we had those big round black discs called records.  I hear that the concert is 80% sold out, so I recommend you dash over to the D & R and buy yourself an evening to remember.  Click on this url to listen to listen to his sound    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you one of the fortunate folk who have this Monday off from work?  Martin Luther King Day is also honored by being celebrated with National Volunteer Day.  And yes, since you asked- I do have a suggestion of where and how you may participate in making our world a better place!  The Washington Conservation Corps Lake Quinault Crew is comprised of a group of young people that I’m very tempted to formally adopt.  They have  been working hard on planning, designing, and securing funding to make huge improvements to the Elton Bennett park in Hoquiam.  This is a project dear to my heart.  The City of Hoquiam has provided the funding and support so that this Monday from 9 until 3 the park will be the scene of industrious renovation work.  Can you help?   Please call Kristian at 360-470-4863 to say ‘yes!’  The park is located just a block off Lincoln St..  Turn onto Grand Ave., as if you were going to the cemetery.  You’ll soon find yourself in a haven of forested beauty.
So much to do.  Prepare yourself by stopping by the Farmers Market for some delicious options.  Anthony is still making his Cranberry Sausage, and it has become my all-time favorite.  The flavors are incredible.  I love the combo of a hint of sweet with the meat.  And we have fresh Razor Clams!  All cleaned and ready for the pan!
Deidra’s soups have been getting many of us thru the recent monsoons.  Such a comfort to tuck into a savory bowl of soup when the rain is coming down sideways!  
Come on over, we can make a good day even better, and a bad day can be transformed by welcoming smiles.