Special thanks to Doyle Wentzel & George Stone from the Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club for assisting in putting the Communications Drill together.

 Thank you all for assisting Grays Harbor County Emergency Management and the Grays Harbor Amateur Radio Club in the Communications Drill on Sat. Dec 12, 2009. It was a very insightful drill which actually opened our eyes to a few things that we could do a bit better.
1)      We have decided to make a template  to distribute to all of the Amateur Radio Operators which would provide a blueprint of the essential information that is needed by the EOC in a disaster event, which could be transmitted from any remote location.
2)      We have decided to continue into phase 2 of the drill (probably in spring) where we will begin at hour 12 in the event. Then, at a later date, we will drill from hour 48 -72.
3)      Our goal was to get a communicated picture of the status of the County which actually happened. We were able to ask for assistance from the State EMD for a collapse of a WalMart full of shoppers and finally ended the drill with a 2nd aftershock which forced us to abandon our site and asked the State EMD to designate another neighboring County site to run our operations.  (These events could definitely happen in a severe earthquake)
   We worked with bare bones personnel, just as would likely occur on a Saturday morning. Discussion took place on how slowly information would likely come in to the EOC. It would increase stress levels of the workers knowing something disastrous happened and that we couldn’t really assist in any way. (One scenario was a landslide where 3 cars were pushed into the river). It would be hard to operate knowing we couldn’t contact local officials to let them know of the situation.

   Again, I thank you for all of your assistance. You are an integral part of any disaster event. The assistance from all of you is invaluable to me in my position and to Grays Harbor County in the protection of the citizens who live here. Great Work!

Charles T Wallace
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
Grays Harbor County
(360) 249-3911
[email protected]