Eighteen grants have been submitted from our state and will be ranked.  Then the grants will be forwarded to Washington D.C. for final determination.  Normally several different grants are awarded.  It is now out of our hands as we wait for the granting entity to review our project; and, hopefully approve the grant.

We thank everyone who has supported this project from its inception.  We especially thank those who wrote pledge letters of support.  Without you we would not have reached out goal.

We also cannot go without thanking the “Hidden Coast Scenic Byway (SR 109)” team for their belief in our project and invaluable expertise.  Without Curt Warber with Parametrix, Vicki Cummings with Grays Harbor Council of Governments, and Carrie Sunstrom with the WA DOT we would not have come this far.  They first alerted us to the call for grants and then helped us every step of the way to be sure that we had the necessary requirements for application in place.