The current procedure for the monthly test is for the sirens to sound the Westminster Chimes for 10 seconds followed by a 15 second verbal message stating “The following is a test of the siren warning system.  It is only a test.  This is a test of the siren warning system.  If this had been a real emergency you should tune your radio to your local radio station or listen to this system for further instructions.  This was only a test.”
In actual events, the AHAB sirens will sound a constant tone for three continuous minutes, and may be followed by a verbal message.  Both the Westminster chimes and the actual warning tone can be heard by visiting the PCEMA website at and clicking on the Tsunami tab.
There are currently ten AHAB sirens installed along the Long Beach Peninsula located in the areas of Ilwaco, Seaview, Long Beach, Surfside, and Ocean Park; one AHAB siren is located in Bay Center; and two additional sirens are installed in Grayland.  Sirens are not designed to be heard indoors and the sound may also be impacted by adverse weather.  Residents are encouraged to have alternate methods of warning such as NOAA weather radios, which are tested weekly and can be heard indoors.  Residents with questions or concerns may contact the PCEMA office at (360) 875-9340 or (360) 642-9340.