ABERDEEN, Wash. – A signed purchase and sale agreement between Weyerhauser and Willis Enterprises should close the deal by the end of this week, many may not have noticed but the mill has already opened.

Weyerhauser Spokesman Anthony Chavez says there are a few loose ends to tie up "The deal’s been signed, it’s just a matter of some formalities that have to occur before the deal can officially close. We expect that to happen later this week."

Paul Willis of Willis Enterprises that they have hired most of the employees they need to get started already "We’re ready to roll over there, we’ve leased some area from Weyerhauser a little while ago and have been doing things over there anyhow" Willis said they plan to start small "We’re gonna start somewhere between 30 and 50 and work our way up from there"

At it’s peak the facility in Aberdeen employed 150. The Plywood mill was closed by Weyerhauser in January of this year citing weak market condition.