Dan Burns leads the race for the County Coroner’s office with 60% to Kimberly Crowley’s 39.5%

In Aberdeen Kathi Hoder and Alice Phelps retain their positions on the city council, former city councilman Pete Schave is leading his race for a council position. Encumbent councilman Denny Lawrence is trailing by 9 votes to Frank Gordon.

In Hoquiam Greg Grun, Brenda Carlstrom, and Jennifer Anderson have the lead in their race for city council positions.

In Elma Jim Taylor, Debbie Thurman, and Tom Boling lead for city council positions.

Ocean Shores is rejecting the proposed EMS levy, while Hoquiam is passing the Capitol Levy for school improvements, and Fire District 4 is passing thier EMS Levy by 78%

Pacific County voters are passing I-1033 at almost 53%

For Raymond city council position 1, Vicki Flementis is leading Ian Farrell – South Bend Mayor Kirk Church is narrowly leading Karl Heinicke




No, 455,974 – 56 percent

Yes, 354,480 – 44 percent


Approve, 444,336 – 52 percent

Reject, 411,882 – 48 percent