“Unfortunately, Spokesman Review senior reporter Richard Roesler, based in Olympia, didn’t take the time to check the roll call vote before reporting it,” Roach said.
“This is irresponsible reporting,” said Roach. “Who does not check a vote before reporting it?”
“This blog is now all over the internet and cannot permanently be retracted,” commented Roach. “For an elected official, given the nature of this legislation, this is damaging”
“I rose to speak on a certain part of SB 5763 with which I disagreed. But,” said Roach, “ninety percent of the bill is very good. I voted for the bill and hope my speech will cause it to be further perfected in the House.”
Senator Roach is a strong supporter of youth sports and the safety of children in those sports.
As a mother of five children and grandmother of 10 grandchildren, she understands the importance of safety for our kids in youth athletics.”