Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 4:35 PM
Subject: Opportunity to Support Local Business and Maintain or Increase Employment in Hoquiam

Hello everybody, we have all discussed our shop local programs and are working to support our local businesses.  One of our businesses and the recipient of our Green Business Award for 2008 is Grays Harbor Paper, LP.  GH Paper has been working hard to help the State of Washington move to 100% recycled paper and hopefully Harbor 100O.  Our legislators Lynn Kessler and Kevin Van De Wege drafted a bill, with support from Speaker Frank Chop and Jim Hargrove.  The original bill requested that the state use 100% post consumer paper with a preference given to paper produced with renewable energy, but unfortunately that bill has been drastically watered down.

Hoquiam Business Association participants may take this opportunity to support a local business in a big way.  There have been some State departments reporting recycled paper was not their first choice as they had the impression it would not work as well for some applications.  Grays Harbor Paper would like to let their delegation know that 100% recycled paper and Harbor 100 will work as well as any paper.  

Below is the contact information for those representatives working on the bill.  If you, or somebody from your office could contact Jim Hargrove et al and let them know your experience using 100% Recycled Paper it would be much appreciated by Grays Harbor Paper and will help to keep our local businesses strong.

 “Grays Harbor Paper is very optimistic and looks forward to helping our State become the environmental leader we all know it can be.”  -David Quigg

Jim Hargrove            [email protected]  (360) 786-7920
Lynn Kessler             [email protected]  (360) 786-7904
Kevin Van De Wege   [email protected]  (360) 786-7916
Frank Chopp             [email protected]  (360) 786-7920

Congratulations!!!!  Grays Harbor Paper increased the labor pool and put nine more employees on their books this week!