In addition, over 30 local health care providers will be receiving a supply of the vaccine to give to their patients. As the local vaccine supply increases in the next few weeks, the opportunities to get a dose will increase throughout the county.

The health department is planning additional public clinics and dates will be announced as soon as health officials are sure that adequate vaccine supplies are on hand. “We know we’re getting plenty of doses, but we’re not absolutely sure of the timing,” says Bausher. “We will be out there with it as soon as we’re sure we’ve got what we need. Other community vaccinators, such as pharmacies and special clinics held in grocery stores, will also be offering H1N1 vaccine in the weeks to come.

The Health Department has a flu vaccine information line that is updated weekly -532-8631 ext. 405. It includes times and places for flu vaccine for both the seasonal flu and H1N1 (swine) flu. Information and vaccination schedules are also posted on the web at  The Website offers a great amount of information in English and Spanish and addresses most common questions about the flu and local response activities.



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