Westport police chief retiring, city to begin hiring process for two officers

The city of Westport will be looking for a new Chief of Police soon, after William Gibson announced his retirement to city staff last month.
Westport's "mani-cop" position remains filled.
Westport’s “mani-cop” position remains filled.

Mayor Michael Bruce tells us they actually have a couple of job openings. “Late December, Judy Stiles longtime city employee and our Court Clerk retired. After vacation I go back to city hall and my Police Chief comes in and Chief Gibson says [he’s] retiring this year and done in July.” Bruce¬†added that when it rains…. “within hours, Lieutenant Joe Christian submitted a letter, saying he’s retiring in February.

The city is contacting the state to start the lateral hiring process for the officer positions, anyone interested in applying at the entry-level can get started online at www.publicsafetytesting.com