Westport Aquarium responds to beached Porpoise calf

Staff at the Westport Aquarium aided a harbor Porpoise calf that became stranded on the beach at the Schaefer Road access in Westport yesterday. Olympia scientists were contacted while Mark and Kathryn Mersell with the Westport Aquarium attempted to get the calf to swim on it’s own around 3 Wednesday afternoon. Marc tells us the calf had passed away by the time a scientist with Cascadia Research in Olympia arrived to take possession. A necropsy is scheduled for today, they believe the calf was about 4 days old.

The Westport Aquarium has been working with NOAA’s Regional Standing coordinators in Western Washington for years now, and is trained to handle stranded sea life. If you spot stranded sea life, do not handle them, please contact the West Coast Regional Stranding Coordinator for NOAA at 1-866-767-6114.