"Waves" breaks: Pre-order Rachel Platten's new album now

By Andrea Dresdale

Columbia RecordsA day after giving fans a sneak peek of one of its tracks, “Perfect for You,” on Thursday, Rachel Platten’s new album Waves is ready for pre-order.

The announcement came via the “Fight Song” singer-songwriter’s Twitter account, which showed the album’s cover image: Rachel surfacing from the water of a pool, about to wick the water from her hair with her hands.

“My album #WAVES is available for pre-order…NOW!” she posted Thursday evening. “I can’t sleep bc I’m so excited. I have zero chill.” The album is due October 27.

In a statement, Rachel explained, “I loved making this album, I’ve never felt so free creatively. I wrote all of these songs without getting in the way, and I just let whatever needed to come through me just come. I worked out a lot of heavy stuff on some of the songs and cried on my piano at 3 a.m. some nights, but I also woke up some days and jumped into the ocean and felt amazing and just wanted to write songs I could dance to.”

“This album is raw and it’s emotional, but it’s also fun and sweet and it’s real,” she added. “It’s honestly just all of me and I am so damn proud of it.” Rachel co-wrote all 13 tracks.

Here’s the track listing:

1. “Perfect For You”
2. “Whole Heart”
3. “Collide”
4. “Keep Up”
5. “Broken Glass”
6. “Shivers”
7. “Loose Ends”
8. “Labels”
9. “Loveback”
10. “Hands”
11. “Fooling You”
12. “Good Life”
13. “Grace”

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