Watch now: Maroon 5 releases wacky visual for “What Lovers Do,” featuring SZA

By Music News Group

222/InterscopeThe wacky new video is out for Maroon 5‘s single, “What Lovers Do,” featuring R&B singer SZA [sizzuh].

The clip debuted on NBC’s Today show Thursday morning and features a series of trippy, special effects-heavy scenes. It begins with two children chasing each other in a field, then the two children turn into adults played by Adam Levine and SZA.

Adam pursues SZA over a frozen lake, on a running track, on Jet Skis, and on a surfboard. There’s also an underwater scene where he swims after the singer, who’s turned into a mermaid.

After a Las Vegas scene where SZA takes all of his money in poker, Adam grows into a giant and starts terrorizing the city.

The craziness finally ends when Adam wakes up in a hospital bed in a neck brace and with his arm and leg in a cast. SZA is his sexy nurse.

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, among others.

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