Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Seeking Comment on Black Tail Deer Hunts

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking comment from hunters of Black-Tailed Deer in the Minot Peak area, or Game Management Unit 660, during the 2016 season.

The department said in a questionnaire sent to hunters that they are assessing the public’s input on proposals for the next 3-year cycle of hunting seasons from 2018 to 2020. Questions include whether you purchased a timber company permit to hunt in 2016, the type of hunting you prefer, and which changes would you make to the upcoming seasons.

Some of the proposed options include ending the October modern firearm season 4-7 days earlier, implementing a 3-point-or-better antler restriction, or changing the November late buck season to hunting by permit only.

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District Wildlife Biologist Anthony Novack has organized a meeting that begins at 6:30 on Monday, October 2nd in the Elma Grange.

Black-tailed deer hunter questionnaire GMU 660