Two people killed in Aberdeen house fire

A mother and her adult daughter were killed in a house fire in Aberdeen early Friday morning. Neighbors said they were visiting the mother’s parents, to help them move to Idaho later that day. Aberdeen Fire Chief Tom Hubbard said Hoquiam and Aberdeen crews remained on the scene for hours after a house fire in the 700 block of 8th Avenue on top of Arnold Hill.
Responding units said the home was well involved when they arrived around 5. A couple of neighbors used a ladder to rescue David and Pat Irwin from a window before fire officials responded, their 54-year-old daughter, Kristal, and her 26-year-old daughter, Courtney were lost in the fire in the 700 block of 8th Avenue on top of Arnold Hill.
Responding units said the home was well involved when they arrived just after 5 A.M. Friday.

One neighbor described “A fellow had the ladder up to the window and he and another guy went into the house, and he carried out the grandma over his shoulder kicking and screaming because her grand daughter was still in the house.”

Another woman was transported by aid from the scene. Hubbard said two were killed in the fire.

Hubbard said in a press release Friday afternoon that while they were en route, radio reports from Grays Harbor E911 Dispatch Center advised that occupants were trapped inside the structure. The Battalion Chief upgraded the response to a 2nd Alarm while still enroute to the scene.
On arrival, the 1st and 2nd floor of the residence was fully involved in fire. The initial fire ground operational mode was declared as Rescue but later changed to Defensive as on-scene personnel were unable to gain access to the residence due to the extreme fire conditions. There were two adult civilian fire fatalities from this fire. The Grays Harbor County Coroners Office will be handling victim identification and release of information.
Prior to the arrival of the Aberdeen Fire Department, neighbors with the assistance of the first arriving Aberdeen Police Officer were instrumental in saving the lives of three occupants. One occupant had exited the structure through a 2nd floor window onto the roof and was instructed to jump down to them. Two neighbors also placed a ladder to a 1st floor window and pulled two other occupants from the structure.

At the time of this media release the origin and cause of the fire are still under investigation by both the Aberdeen Fire and Police Departments.