Three Pacific County Homes Included in Recent Busts of Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations

Three homes in Pacific County were included in the recent busts of multiple illegal grow operations that involved Chinese Nationals purchasing Western Washington homes to grow marijuana. Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson said in a press release that nearly 2,400 mature marijuana plants were seized from homes in Menlo, Raymond, and Grayland.

Johnson said that the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force reached out to them during the course of their investigation after they learned that other illegal marijuana growing operations may exist within Pacific County.  Pacific County Sheriff’s Office investigators began to follow up on the information and identified three residences within Pacific County that were tied into their investigation.

A Pacific County Sheriff’s Detective applied for and received three search warrants related to the illegal manufacturing of marijuana at three separate residences. Nearly 20 pounds of processed pot was seized between the three homes and two men were arrested at the Grayland home.

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In all, 50 search warrants were issued earlier this week – 38 of those were in Grays Harbor county. About 44 arrests were made, with a couple more filtering in as police continue to process the locations.