The Note: Trump gambles on himself, against all odds

The TAKE with Rick Klein

This was the week of Sam Nunberg, Gary Cohn, and Jeff Sessions vs. Jerry Brown; of Hope Hicks being hacked, Kellyanne Conway violating the Hatch Act, and Jared Kushner traveling to Mexico; of a Dreamer deadline blown past, stalled action on guns, the reversal of a trophy ban, and news President Trump had asked witnesses about conversations with the special counsel. Stormy Daniels got a cameo, too.

But cutting through the noise were tectonic shifts in policy – generation-defining movements on the foreign and domestic fronts that could rock the economy, national security, and politics for a long time to come.

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The president capped the week in which he declared “I like conflict” by taking what could be a big step toward resolving one of the world’s longest-running ones – or – a step closer to war. He announced a willingness to meet with North Korea’s leader despite public and private proclamations from his top aides and without apparent consultations with major…