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Humpback whale washes ashore on Grayland beach

The whale had been dead for probably about a week and just washed ashore in Grayland Sunday August 19th. 
The tail had some very sharp cuts on it as if something had lacerated it. This is a picture of the crew working on the tail of the whale. They were not able to determine whether the whale was female or male because of the way it washed in, it would have taken many hours and heavy equipment to move the whale to determine the sex and retrieve some of the other organs usually checked in a necropsy. 
Veronica Myrsell and Marc Myrsell from Westport Aquarium were also at the necropsy working  with Dyanna Lambourn from Fish and Wildlife and interns from Cascadia Research. Report by Kathryn Myrsell

A 30 foot humpback whale washed ashore in Grayland over the weekend. Kathryn Myrsell with the Westport Aquarium tells us it appears to have been dead for at least a week, and had lacerations on it’s tail. The way is

Westport Aquarium responds to beached Porpoise calf

Westport Aquarium responds to beached Porpoise calf

Staff at the Westport Aquarium aided a harbor Porpoise calf that became stranded on the beach at the Schaefer Road access in Westport yesterday. Olympia scientists were contacted while Mark and Kathryn Mersell with the Westport Aquarium attempted to get the

Westport Aquarium preps for 39 foot whale display

Westport Aquarium

The Westport Aquarium is prepping a new display. You may remember a 39 foot Gray whale that washed ashore last summer? It spent the worst winter ever under a pile of manure. Now bleached-clean bones – some the size of

Dia De Los Muertos Party at Westport Aquarium

We are having a Dia De Los Muertos Party here at the Aquarium from 5:30 to 7:30 on Friday evening November 1st 2013. The focus is remembering fisherman of the past and fish we have caught that were so beautiful

Grayland whale removal almost complete, on display in Westport within a year

GRAYLAND, Wash. - Just about all of the gray whale that washed up on the beach in Grayland late last month is gone, you'll be able to visit it's 40 foot skeleton at the Westport Aquarium in about a year.

Dead whale washes ashore near Grayland

GRAYLAND, Wash. - The body of a gray whale washed up on the beach in Grayland on Monday, you can visit it's 40 foot skeleton at the Westport Aquarium later this summer. Store owner Marc Myrsell tells us they assisted crews