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Skull found in Westport crab pot unidentified

WESTPORT, Wash. (AP) — The Grays Harbor County sheriff’s office says the skull found in a crab pot off Westport doesn’t match anyone in a national DNA database…. …read more

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Westport hosts meeting to discuss contract that would replace police force

City of Westport Centennial

The city of Westport will hold a Town Hall meeting next week to discuss a contract for police services with the County Sheriff’s Department.
Tim Hill is a commercial fisherman in Westport, he told the city council Monday night “I am ‘for’ having the Sheriff, and the drug task force come into Westport, and try to do something about this drug problem that we’ve got around town because everybody knows it, and it needs to be addressed.”
Mayor Michael Bruce said the meeting run from 6 to 8 PM Monday night at the Ocosta High School, with Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott on hand to talk about the policing services they could offer the city.

Confirmed human skull found in Westport crab pot

What has been confirmed as a portion of a human skull has turned up in a crab pot near Westport. Undersheriff Dave Pimentel tells KBKW, a fisherman pulled it up Friday morning about 2 miles off the coast, he told officers that he had set the pot last week.

The King County Cornoer’s Officer confirmed later Friday that the skull was human, however they have not released a positive I.D.

Pimental said earlier Friday a crab fisherman found what appeared to be a human skull about 2.3 miles off of the coast.

The fisherman called the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office, who met him at the docks, and took the sample into evidence.

Port of Grays Harbor to make repairs to West Hoquiam levee

Hoquiam Levee - Port of Grays Harbor
The Port of Grays Harbor will begin repairs to the Hoquiam levee this month. Port Commissioner last week approved a plan to move stockpiled rock from Westport to the South side of port property in Hoquiam. Director Marc Horton told Port Commissioners “The problem we’re having right now is that we’ve got a lot of erosion along water, specifically along the South side, and I think it’s severe enough that it’s actually threatening breaching of the dike.”
Horton said they’ll begin by rebuilding the access road at the end of Early Industrial Way. “So that we can get larger equipment and trucks out to replace rock as the second phase large rock along the face of this to protect the property.
Meanwhile repairs are being made to the rail bridge nearby over the Hoquiam river, funded by a $350,000 grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. Washington State Department of Transportation contractors will replace the mid-river pier, damaged in a 2009 flood, with a dolphin barrier that will prevent boats from hitting the bridge.
The port will also be using some of the Westport rock to improve a parcel on Commerce street, adding about 2 acres of lease space.

Multiple fights prompt lockdown of Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Stafford Creek Corrections Center

Four separate fights broke out at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center on the Westport Highway Thursday. Cheri Izatt with SCC said yesterday that all medium- and minimum-custody units at Stafford Creek Corrections Center near Aberdeen were placed on lockdown after a series of multi-offender fights. No staff members were injured. One offender sustained injuries that were not life-threatening but required treatment at a local hospital.

The first fight occurred around 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the day room of one of the facility’s medium-custody units. A short time later, three other multi-offender fights occurred – one in the same medium-custody unit, one in another medium-custody unit and one in a minimum-custody unit.

Staff swiftly responded and prison administrators placed the facility on lockdown immediately following the fights. The offenders involved were placed in a segregation unit where they will be interviewed by staff investigators.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center houses about 2,000 offenders in minimum-, medium- and maximum-custody units.

Call to artists for ‘100 Birds on the Beach’ to celebrate Westport Centennial

City of Westport Centennial

Join the excitement of the City of Westport’s Centennial celebration. Gain exposure, sell your art and open a new market area. The South Beach Arts Association (SBAA) celebrates Westport, Washington’s Centennial with 100 Birds on the Beach, an artistic exhibit celebrating Westport’s 100 years as an incorporated city.
Community members, business owners, students, artists, and children are invited to create a bird or birds in the mediums of their choice — representative or fanciful, two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Your bird(s) will then be displayed throughout the City of Westport in secure settings for 100 days, with the opportunity for you to sell them if you wish to do so.
Exhibit-related events
• A ‘100 Birds on the Beach’ citywide exhibit of submitted artworks will run for 100 days starting on City of Westport Founders Day – June 26, 2014. People’s choice awards will be voted on during the citywide exhibit.
• 100 Birds on the Beach will have an information booth at the Shorebird Festival April 25, 26 and 27 in Hoquiam.
• June 12: Westport business owners will select a bird to exhibit in their business.
• July 12, the SBAA will join the Kinnikinnick Garden Club for an “Art in the Garden” tour of beautiful lush gardens in our beach community that will include unique art exhibits at each location.
• A Scavenger hunt for community members and visitors will be announced and maintained on-line during the 100-day exhibit run with updates via Facebook.
Entry info
Enter your bird artwork(s) by submitting a letter of Intent by Feb. 28, 2014.
Scan and email your entry form to southbeacharts@gmail.c[email protected] or mail to SBAA, PO Box 2006, Westport, WA 98595.
Download the entry documents from Southbeacharts.org
Artists are welcome to enter as many works in the exhibit, space available, at a $5 per entry fee.
More info: [email protected] or by calling 206- 919-6743.

Surfer rescued near Grays Harbor

WESTPORT, Wash. (AP) — The Coast Guard says a helicopter crew rescued an injured surfer from the south jetty at the entrance of Grays Harbor Saturday afternoon…. …read more

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Body found at the Bishop Athletic Complex in Aberdeen

APD Investigates Body
Aberdeen Police are investigating a death on the Westport highway. Police Captain John Green said at the Bishop Athletic Complex Tuesday “Aberdeen police received a call this afternoon, pedestrians at the Bishop Complex saw a man down next to the concession stand, police discovered a male subject deceased from an apparent gunshot wound.
The sports complex on the Westport highway was closed at the time, a single pickup truck was found parked at the locked gate. Police have identified the body, and are working with the Grays Harbor County Coroner’s office to notify next of kin. Green said the investigation continues.
APD Investigates Body

Variety of weather hazards likely to affect western Washington through Saturday night


Two strong and fast moving frontal systems will move across Western Washington tonight and early Saturday morning. These fronts will be followed by a period of strong westerly flow to the south of a storm system moving into British Columbia Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. There is a threat of strong winds, heavy rainfall, minor flooding on more flood-prone rivers, heavy mountain snowfall, and coastal flooding over portions of the area tonight through Saturday night.


1. A High Wind Watch is in effect for tonight through Saturday for the north and central Washington coast and for the Admiralty Inlet area.

2. A winter storm watch is in effect late tonight through Saturday night for the Cascades and Olympics above 2000 feet.

3. A flood watch is in effect for Mason, Snohomish, King and Pierce counties late tonight through late Saturday night.

4. A coastal flood watch is in effect for the north and central Washington coast Saturday afternoon through late Saturday night.

Chuck Wallace with the Grays Harbor Emergency Management agency tells us some of the watches may be converted to Warnings or Advisories during the day on Friday, so keep a close eye on latest forecast updates from the National Weather Service.


1. Concerning the threat of strong wind: South winds will increase tonight across all of western Washington and will turn to the west on Saturday. Across most of the lowland areas, winds are expected to range from 20 to 35 mph with gusts to 50 mph. Damaging winds to 40 mph with gusts to 55 mph, from both the south and the west, are possible on the coast and around the Admiralty Inlet area.

2. Concerning the threat of heavy rainfall and possible flooding: Rain will develop today and will become heavy at times tonight through early Saturday. The snow level in the mountains will increase from around 3500 feet to over 6000 feet tonight then will fall back to 3000 feet on Saturday. During the warmer period tonight, rainfall amounts of 4-6 inches are likely in the Olympics and 3-5 inches in the Cascades. This amount of rain will cause rapid rises on area rivers, and more flood prone rivers like the Skokomish, Stillaguamish, Tolt, and Puyallup could see minor flooding late tonight into Saturday or Saturday night.

3. Concerning the threat of heavy mountain snow: Precipitation in the mountains above about 3000 or 3500 feet will begin as snow today. Snow levels will rapidly rise to 5000 feet in the northern Cascades and to around 6500 feet in the central Cascades and Olympics. Snow levels will fall back to 3000 feet on Saturday and 2000 feet Saturday night. Five to ten inches of snow are likely Saturday with another foot on Saturday night. The mountain snow will be accompanied by windy conditions. It will be particularly windy on exposed mountain ridges in the back country.

4. Concerning coastal flooding: An area of storm force winds offshore will produce 25 to 30 foot waves that will move onto the Washington coast Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. While tides are expected to be relatively low during the large wave event, there is a potential that large and energetic waves will give some flooding to low-lying coastal communities like Westport, portions of Ocean Shores, and La Push. The large waves will produce dangerous surf and beach erosion.


Concerning strong wind: confidence is high that very windy conditions will develop across the area. Confidence in the potential for damaging wind on the coast and in the Admiralty Inlet Area tonight and Saturday is slightly lower. If a weaker low, as forecast by some forecast models, tracks north of Vancouver Island, it will get windy but the wind speeds will remain below 40 mph.

Concerning heavy rain: Confidence is high that around 4 inches of rain will fall tonight into early Saturday in the Olympics and up to 3 inches will fall in the Cascades. If the air mass remains cooler over the northern Cascades, minor flooding will be less likely north of King County. If rainfall amounts overnight are higher, some rivers could see moderate flooding.

Concerning heavy mountain snow: Confidence is high that a period of heavy snow will occur in the Cascades Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. The confidence of heavy snowfall in the Olympics around Hurricane Ridge is lower. If the air mass remains slightly cooler tonight in the northern Cascades than what is currently expected, there is a threat of heavy snowfall around Mount Baker tonight in addition to the heavy snowfall Saturday and Saturday night.

4. Concerning coastal flooding: At this time it appears that the highest threat of big waves hitting the coastline is late Saturday afternoon and Saturday night during a period of lower tides. There is a risk that the offshore storm will be stronger and farther south than currently expected, waves will move in a few hours sooner, and that waves will be bigger than currently expected. If this occurs, the threat of coastal flooding in low lying beach communities will be higher.

Coastal Flood Watch & High Wind Watch issued for Western Washington

Grays Harbor Emergency Management is urging all residents be prepared for possible power outages due to downed tree limbs and power lines during two significant weather events approaching Friday and Saturday night.  Please DO NOT venture near downed tree limbs and power lines. DO NOT operate a portable generator indoors or near open windows or doors. Use extreme caution while driving since heavy rain will be associated with the storms. Roadway flooding could occur making driving extremely hazardous.

*** Coastal Flood Watch ***

The National Weather Service in Seattle has Issued a Coastal Flood Watch, Which is in effect from Saturday Afternoon Through Late Saturday Night.
* Waves, Large Swell of 26 to 29 Feet are Forecast to reach the coast Saturday night. The Largest Waves will Arrive Between 4 Pm
Saturday and 4am Sunday
* Impacts, Waves of this size Can Overtop Levees and Cause Local Flooding Problems. The towns of Ocean Shores and Westport Are most at risk of Coastal Flooding.
* Time and Height of High Tide, the Largest Waves are Forecast to Arrive During a Period or Relatively Low Tides. The Highest High Tides are Predicted to Occur at Westport at 853am Saturday And 944am Sunday, and the High Tides are Predicted to be around 9 Feet. However During the Time of Big Waves the Tides Are Forecast to be 7 Feet or Lower. Sea Level Pressure will Be Rising During this Period and the Tidal Anomaly is Forecast to be Minimal. The Upshot is That Tides will Not Contribute Much to Any Coastal Flooding, the Main effect will be from the Giant Waves Themselves.

Precautionary/preparedness Actions

A Coastal Flood Watch Means Flooding or Beach Erosion will Occur if Weather Conditions Develop As Predicted. Residents and Local Officials Should Monitor the Situation Closely and be Prepared to Take Appropriate Action if a Warning is Issued.



*** High Wind Watch ***


The National Weather Service in Seattle has Issued a High Wind Watch, Which is in effect from Friday Evening Through Saturday Afternoon.


* Some Affected Locations, the North and Central Washington Coast Including Westport, Ocean Shores, La Push and Neah Bay.


* Timing, a Strong Frontal System will Move Through the Coast Friday Night and a Strong Low Pressure Trough will Move Through the Coast on Saturday.


* Wind, South Wind 20 to 40 MPH with Gusts to 50 MPH Friday Night will Turn to Westerly Saturday Afternoon. There is a Chance Of Strong damaging winds.


* Impacts, Downed Trees and Power Outages are Possible.