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Port of Grays Harbor making repairs to trail, road along West Hoquiam property

Hoquiam Levee - Port of Grays Harbor

The Port of Grays Harbor is making repairs to a popular dog walking path in West Hoquiam. Executive Director Gary Nelson said repairs to road near the Anderson/Middleton property will require No Trespassing signs for the time being “The road has severely deteriorated so we’re rebuilding the road which will allow us later to come back through and shore up the dike, which insures the integrity of that site.”

Nelson said new rock will reinforce the road on the south side of the rail, along the Chehalis River “This is kind of a preemptive move, probably a little overdo, but if people see trucks going in and out of there that’s what’s going on.”¬†Nelson expected work on the road to be complete in May, afterwords they plan to shore up their levee along the river.

Port of Grays Harbor to make repairs to West Hoquiam levee

Hoquiam Levee - Port of Grays Harbor
The Port of Grays Harbor will begin repairs to the Hoquiam levee this month. Port Commissioner last week approved a plan to move stockpiled rock from Westport to the South side of port property in Hoquiam. Director Marc Horton told Port Commissioners “The problem we’re having right now is that we’ve got a lot of erosion along water, specifically along the South side, and I think it’s severe enough that it’s actually threatening breaching of the dike.”
Horton said they’ll begin by rebuilding the access road at the end of Early Industrial Way. “So that we can get larger equipment and trucks out to replace rock as the second phase large rock along the face of this to protect the property.
Meanwhile repairs are being made to the rail bridge nearby over the Hoquiam river, funded by a $350,000 grant from the Federal Railroad Administration. Washington State Department of Transportation contractors will replace the mid-river pier, damaged in a 2009 flood, with a dolphin barrier that will prevent boats from hitting the bridge.
The port will also be using some of the Westport rock to improve a parcel on Commerce street, adding about 2 acres of lease space.