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Wes Cormier – Grays Harbor County Commissioner

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Grays Harbor’s reluctant Prosecutor-appointee worries Superior Court Judge

 “What do you do over there if we have a major felony case -even a minor felony case, but what about a horrible tragedy situation, and the person is convicted, and goes up and raises the issue that constitutionally that prosecuting attorney is not authorized by law to prosecute me?
At the special meeting yesterday Samuel asked the commissioners why they chose her over Deputy Prosecutor Katie Svoboda, both were on a list of three provided by the democratic party after former prosecutor Stew Menefee retired in September.
Two commissioners replied that they felt she would do a good job, commissioner Wes Cormier said “I thought that the process that was conducted at the PCO meeting was just a slap in the face. If you put yourself on the list, then you’re subject to being picked.

Commissioner asks would the non-voters please shut up

MONTESANO, Wash. – The latest ballot count at the county auditor’s office shows few changes to election results expected to be certified on the 26th. Voter turnout for Grays Harbor is at 48.2% for the November General Election. Now that your ballots are in, Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon has a sentiment he’d like to share “All of you out here that are bitching, unless you got a stamp on your hand or something that shows that you voted please shut up.
Gordon said on Coffeetalk yesterday “You people that sit and complain but don’t get involved, you can mail it. If you have a problem on the next [election] call and I’ll come and pick it up and mail the sucker for you. But you know our country will go down the tube if we don’t have people involved.
The commissioner is expecting to take more heat in the coming months as the county faces a tough budget with support for an unpopular levy shift that could again move as much as a million from the county’s road fund into their general fund. “We’re going to try to take as little as possible, I know the mayors and stuff hate it. I hate shifting money from one fund to the other because then it cuts some of the work that the road fund can do, but we have to keep our offices open.”
Commissioner Herb Welch has voted for the shift in the past, and each time said he would rather avoid it, Commissioner Wes Cormier is against the idea.

Commissioner Wes Cormier to hold town hall meetings

Grays Harbor County Commissioner Wes Cormier will be holding three Town Hall Meetings this month.  The first meeting will be at the Lake Quinault Lodge Ballroom on October 22nd at 6:00 p.m.  The second of the three meetings will be at the Sharon Grange on October 30th in Oakville at 6:00 p.m.  The final meeting will be at the Westport council chambers on November 7th at 6:30 p.m.  Cormier invites everyone out to “have a voice and talk about what is going on in Grays Harbor County.”