Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Spring Rain Edition

More new Organic good-for-you foods have arrived at the Hoquiam Farmers Market!
Each week I add more fine products to our shelves, so that soon we can become your main grocery shopping source. Well, at least right up there on the list! I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer.
Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa, Spelt Flour, Tapioca, Flaxseed Meal, Split Peas, Steelcut Oats, Eden Organic Sauerkraut, Greek Gods Yogurt and Cascade Natural Yogurt! Yummy Sahalee nut snack mixes, tasty crackers, and fine cheeses. Our Lattin’s Apple Cider is the best you’ll ever taste until you buy an apple press of your own. Add a loaf of Nancy’s wheat bread, and you’ve got the ingredients for a picnic. Looks like the weather gods are smiling on us once more for a dry weekend
I am due for a trip to Scotland. Something in my genetic heritage calls out every so often for a trip back to the old homeland. Since I can’t respond to the plaintive primal call, I go instead on a day trip to Tokeland. I beeline for the Tokeland Hotel, stride through the front door, take a deep breath and feel the healing peace of Scotland flowing into my soul. I’m sure that it is all in my head, but somehow this old place fills that void every time. There is nothing at all fancy about it, and the past 127 years of use have worn some of the floorboards down so much that there is a bit of a shipboard lilt as you walk into the dining room. Almost everything is in original condition- the wavy glass in the windows gives a fairytale unreality to the view of the garden. Like most Scottish gardens, this one bears the brunt of harsh winds from the ocean. The trees are twisted and bent, the Spring flowers must huddle close to the building in order to survive. There are days when the rain is hitting the glass so hard that I can’t see the garden at all, and one day snowflakes were drifting from the sky.
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