All Hazard Weather Radios to be distributed at three locations in Grays Harbor later this month

The Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano Program of the Washington State Emergency Management Division and Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will be conducting All Hazard Weather Radio Programs at three locations this month.

Monday, April 14th Ocean Shores Public Library – 573 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores WA 98569 – 6:00 pm

Wednesday, April 16th Elma City Council Chambers – 202 W. Main Street, Elma WA, 98541 – 6:00 pm

Monday, April 28th – Aberdeen, St Andrews Episcopal Church — 400 E. 1stStreet. Aberdeen WA 98520  – 6:00 pm

All attendees will receive a 30 minute educational class on the hazards specific to Grays Harbor County such as: earthquake, floods, severe weather and tsunami. Following the class, all attendees will receive a FREE All Hazard Weather Radio which will be programmed as a group with Brynne Walker, the facilitator. (Only ONE Weather Radio Per Family) You must be a Grays Harbor Resident to receive the radio. All three events are open to everyone from the county.

Grays Harbor AHAB sirens test successful, connection issues identified

The AHAB test on Monday, January 13th at noon, was successful in activating all AHAB sirens. Washington State Emergency Management Division as well as the Grays Harbor County Radio Shop monitored the test activation. Minor connection issues were found in five AHAB Sirens; Westport, Aberdeen, Ocean City and two in Grayland. Every AHAB siren was activated during the test. Washington State Emergency Management will be sending a crew to inspect each of the five identified sirens this week. The minor connection issues would have no effect in a true activation of the AHAB Siren with the wailing siren used in a true emergency.

Each day, Washington State Emergency Management sends a silent test message to every AHAB Siren in the State. All Sirens in Grays Harbor County passed the daily test this morning, prior to the activation of the test mode by Grays Harbor County Emergency Management.

Washington State Emergency Management is scheduled to activate the AHAB test in February. In order to ensure all sirens are operating optimally, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will activate the Monthly Test on Monday February 3rd, the regularly scheduled test activation day. Washington State Emergency Management and Grays Harbor County Radio Shop will once again, be monitoring the test.

Grays Harbor AHAB sirens fail monthly test – testing again January 13

The All Hazard Alert Broadcast Siren (AHAB) Test, scheduled for noon on Monday January 6th did not activate the AHAB sirens in Grays Harbor County. The test was initiated by Grays Harbor County Emergency Management, however none of the sirens activated with the Westminster Chimes or the test voice message. Chuck Wallace Deputy Director of the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency said “We believe the problem occurred due to a simultaneous transmission on the same frequency used for activation of the test. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will activate the AHAB test (Westminster Chimes with a voice message) once again next Monday, January 13th at noon. Members of the Grays Harbor County Radio Shop and Washington State Emergency Management Division will also monitor our test at that time to ensure proper operation of the system.

If this had been a true event where the AHAB activation would have been needed for public safety and notification, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would have sent multiple activations which they believe would have activated the AHAB Siren system.  Washington State Emergency Management also has the capability to activate all AHAB sirens in Washington.

April is Disaster Preparedness Month

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) will join with city and county emergency management agencies in the annual observance of April as the month that Washington residents highlight and practice disaster planning and preparedness.
“Citizens, companies and government agencies will be encouraged to review their individual preparedness plans, contact information and emergency kits, and to prepare themselves to be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days following an act of terrorism, or natural or man-made disasters,” said Gov. Chris Gregoire, who has proclaimed April as Disaster Preparedness Month.

Preparedness events in April will include:

Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference, April 9-12 at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center.

A statewide Drop, Cover & Hold – Earthquake Drill at 9:45 a.m. on April 25.
The drill will be initiated through the Emergency Alert System using the required monthly
test for broadcasters.

Preparedness information for schools, businesses and homes will be available at EMD’s
“In Focus” website section:

For events and activities in your area, please check your local emergency management office’s website. A listing of those sites is available at

For more information about preparedness month, please contact Rosanne Garrand, EMD public education program coordinator, (253) 512-7419.