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Commission will discuss policy for Grays Harbor salmon fishery

A number of public workshops are scheduled on the proposed policy through mid-January. Information about those workshops is available at http://goo.gl/kLCLi6.

In other business, the commission will consider a proposed rule for commercial dive fisheries that would prohibit the use of certain types of fishing gear aboard commercial vessels to make it more difficult to harvest geoduck clams illegally. Another proposal asks the commission to delegate the responsibility of setting sea urchin size limits to WDFW, so managers can respond more quickly to changing conditions.

The proposed land acquisition in Kittitas County involves 5,497 acres adjacent to WDFW’s L.T. Murray Wildlife Area, 35 miles northwest of Yakima. The department has also proposed purchasing a 589-acre inholding in the Wenas Wildlife Area near WDFW’s winter feeding area for elk.

Other topics on the commission’s agenda include a briefing on proposed changes in WDFW’s hydraulic permit approval rules and a status report on the state’s reptile and amphibians populations.

WDFW Commission to consider amending state wildlife interaction rules

During the commission’s regular meeting Oct. 4 in Olympia, commissioners will consider proposed amendments to wildlife interaction rules that are more consistent with Washington’s Wolf Conservation and Management plan and to implement 2013 legislation.

The amendments are available online at http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/development.html.

Those amendments include:

  • Making permanent an emergency rule that permits ranchers, farmers, and other pet and livestock owners in the eastern third of the state to kill a wolf that is attacking their animals.
  • Adding sheep, goats, swine, donkeys, mules, llamas and alpacas to the list of animals livestock owners could be compensated for if those animals are killed by wolves. The current list only includes cattle, sheep and horses.
  • Permitting state compensation regardless of whether livestock owners were raising the animals for commercial purposes.
  • Compensating livestock owners for their losses at market value.

In other business, the commission will consider two land transactions, and will receive briefings on wolf management activities this summer and updates to Hydraulic Code Rules, which regulate construction around state waterways to protect fish.