• Washington Voters’ Pamphlets mailed out this week

    Ready to vote in this fall’s General Election? Make sure to first read the always-helpful Voters’ Pamphlet that is arriving in your mailbox this week.

    If you don’t receive your Voters’ Pamphlet by Oct. 22, please call the Voter Hotline at (800) 448-4881 for assistance.

    Brian Zylstra, Deputy Communications Director with the Office of Secretary of State tells us “the Voters’ Pamphlet, provided by our Elections Division, is packed with useful information about state candidates and measures found on this fall’s ballot. It includes info on the two statewide initiatives on the ballot: Initiative 517, the “Initiative on Initiatives” that grants more time and protection for signature-gatherers, and I-522, which addresses labeling for genetically engineered foods. In addition, the Voters’ Pamphlet provides info on the five nonbinding Advisory Votes on revenue-related bills passed by the state Legislature this year.

    Unlike the 2012 General Election, this year’s fall election doesn’t have high-profile races like President or Governor. Instead, this election is dominated by local races for city council, mayor, county commission, school board, port district, fire district and other positions. Some counties include their local candidates and measures in the state pamphlet, and a handful of counties publish their own Voters’ Pamphlet.

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