• Grays Harbor Public Market News

    I come from a family of readers. We would read anything, but of course each of us had particular specialities. To this day, I adore a good murder mystery. Done in the classic style, of course- I cut my teeth on Nancy Drew, but soon graduated to Agatha Christie. There is nothing in this world so comforting as curling up with a new who dunnit, except stepping into a steaming bathtub armed only with a old beloved who dunnit.
    Being a mystery novel reader has armed me with many important life skills. I walk with a trifle more confidence, being armed with knowledge gleaned from years of intensive reading. With any luck, I will never have to call upon my reserves, but the oddest tidbits of information rattle around in my brain.
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  • Mason County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Crimes of Opportunity Due to Warm Weather

      The Mason County Sheriff's Office reminds people that hot weather can bring an increase in thefts and burglaries by creating additional opportunities for criminals to enter your home or vehicle.  Home owners become more vulnerable to such crimes when doors and windows are left open at night to cool their homes.

    Citizens observing something suspicious should not hesitate to call 911 immediately.  Do not worry about looking foolish if the "suspect" is not doing anything wrong.

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