Small fire near Wal-Mart construction site

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Aberdeen Fire Department responded to a small fire near where the Lady Washington used to be moored on the East side of Aberdeen. Battalion Chief Kelly Neimi tells us they were called to the construction site near Wal-Mart around 10 last night, a small fire on an unused-unmaintained pier had spread to nearby land in between the pier and construction trailers.
Crews were on scene for just under an hour, no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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  • Port of Grays Harbor to match federal funds for traffic study at Gateway Plaza

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Port of Grays Harbor will pay just over $100-thousand to kick off a planning project that will resolve traffic issues at the Gateway Plaza in Aberdeen.
    Vicki Cummings with the Council of Governments told port commissioners yesterday “Neither the Council of Governments, nor the city of Aberdeen or the county has had it in our budgets to be able to fund that matching portion, so we are very grateful to the port for stepping forward and taking this on.” The money will be used to match a federal grant, releasing $600,000 for the traffic solution study. The funds approved will come out of the port’s operating budget.
    Cummings said the study will review all types of traffic at Highway 12 intersections across the entire plaza, from Fleet to F streets.  They’d like to see a solution in place and complete within two years “There is absolutely nothing that precludes us from taking that long, we’d love to see it done much sooner. But what really tends to be the time hog in the process is the environmental documentation.”
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  • Construction starts at Aberdeen Wal-Mart

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – The fence posts were up yesterday as construction gets underway at the Aberdeen Wal-mart. Rachel Wall with their corporate office tells us the 36,000 square foot expansion will add a full line of groceries, and supersize the store. 
    Karl Harris with the Aberdeen Parks Department told the council at last night’s meeting “The pathway behind Wal-Mart where the Port of Grays Harbor’s pier is located is now blocked off. So there will not be any public [access] in that area.” Fencing around the construction site blocks access to the Compass Rose, and behind the store.
    Wall said they expect the construction to continue through the summer of 2014, the Super Wal-Mart will add up to 50 jobs, and 18 ADA parking spaces once complete. The store currently employs some 290 associates.
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  • Water from construction will be filtered, stored, and removed

    ABERDEEN, Wash. – Giant blue semi-trailers at the gateway plaza? It’s all part of the construction in Aberdeen. The water recover company Rain for Rent says they’re being used because the department of Ecology doesn’t let you replace water, that’s displaced by construction, back into the river. There will be 11 tanks and a filtration system visiting the gateway plaza by Monday. 
    The system will filter, store, and remove water from the Chehalis river that leaches into the construction site during high tides. The company couldn’t say how long the tanks would be at the Wal-Mart intersection, that depends on the needs of the site.
    Gateway Plaza construction
    Photo provided by Alex Kluh, of GL Kluh Jewelers
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