Stolen statue honoring fallen soldier Tim Davis is returned to mother’s porch

A statue honoring fallen U.S. Airman Tim Davis has been returned to the porch from where it vanished in late September. The soldier’s mother, Sally Sheldon tells us the statue was stolen from her front porch “And today they returned it. It was on my front porch when I opened the door. I’m so thankful.”
Sally’s son Tim was killed during combat operations five years ago near Bagram, Afghanistan of wounds suffered when his vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device. “my brother Jim Sheldon of Montesano had given me a carving of an eagle, perched on the Air Force insignia and it said ‘Tim Davis: Hero’ on it.”

The statue vanished in late September, and without as much as a note it was returned this morning. “I don’t know what to say I’m so thankful, I’m so very thankful.”
The Eagle is missing his marble eyes, and it doesn’t say “Tim Davis: Hero” on it anymore. The carving looks as if someone was trying to rebrand it to sell as a chainsaw carving, but the lightning bolt and jolly green feet were still visible on the Special Tactics insignia.
The 1999 Montesano High School graduate was killed His mother Sally pled with the burglar(s) in September through the Aberdeen Daily World, and just under a week before Veteran’s Day, the statue was returned.
Tim Davis Aberdeen


Veterans Day Ceremony and Fundraiser at Aberdeen VFW

“Come join us in a Veteran’s Day Ceremony to honor the Veterans of the U.S. military,” says Aberdeen Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post #224, Commander Jim Daly.  “The Aberdeen Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #224 will be hosting a ceremony to honor veterans at 11:00, on November 11th at the post home, 105 E. Heron, Aberdeen.”

“We honor and serve veterans, and offer this short ceremony for the public to share.  At the conclusion of the approximately 20 minute ceremony, we will begin serving burger or hot dog baskets with and fries and a pop, as a fund raiser to help pay for the over $300,000 in building repairs completed this year.”

The Fundraising Event, Tuesday, Veteran’s Day, November 11, from Noon – 6 pm.  We welcome the public to join us for food and information.  We will have people there to answer your questions about membership.

“Please come support our local Veterans.  There will hamburgers, fries, and pop, for $8 or substitute a hotdog and it will be $7.” said Nell Todd, Auxiliary President.  “We will also hold a 50/50 raffle.”

Commander Daly said:  “This will also be an opportunity to renew your membership or to join at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, if you are qualified.  Our Service Officer, Commander, and other members will be present for much of the day to speak with Veterans about benefits and the benefit of joining the VFW.  To become a member of the VFW a veteran must have been in a direct support role of combat operations of the U.S. military.

The Auxiliary President, Nell Todd and many of her members will also be present to speak with ladies who are qualified, about membership as well.  To become a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary, a lady must have an immediate family member (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, daughter, or son) qualified to be a VFW member.

“The Post and Auxiliary are back in full swing.  We host Bingo at the post on Wednesday’s, with doors opening at 4:00pm.  We serve Burgers and chicken baskets on Wednesday’s.   We also serve full dinner menus on

Thursday and Friday from 4:30 – 7:00pm, and breakfast Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am – 1:00pm.  And our lounge is fully operational for members;” said Terry Holderman, Post Quartermaster.

If you would like to support the Aberdeen VFW for their building repairs, donations may also be made to the special donation account at Anchor Bank or dropped off or mailed to VFW Post 224, 105 East Heron, Aberdeen, WA 98520.


Needed Most

Show You Stand FOR VETERANS!

Our veterans and service members sacrifice so greatly and ask for little in return. Today you can honor and help them by making a generous donation to the VFW. Our programs support our troops while they are on the front line, as they are being discharged and long after they return.

Your tax-deductible donation will be immediately directed to the VFW programs where your support is most urgently needed. The VFW is on the front line in the fight for health care, jobs, education and justice FOR VETERANS!

Raines leads on election night, along with Incumbent Democrats in 19th and 24th

Preliminary numbers for the November General Election are in, Elections Supervisor Katy Moore tells us with over 15,000 ballots counted so far, Grays Harbor County voter turnout is just over 41%. “We’re hoping to get to 18, or 19-thousand by the time that we certify the election, which is November 25th.”
With ballot drop boxes being returned Tuesday night, and some ballots still in the mail. Moore said the tightest race is for Grays Harbor County Prosecutor Katie Svoboda holds 620 more votes than Mike Spencer.

Vickie Raines holds a strong lead in the race for Grays Harbor County Commissioner “Right now Vickie Raines is currently in the lead with 8,577 to Keith Olson 5,817.”

Dan Lindgren is holding a strong lead over incumbent Rick Hole for the Grays Harbor County Assessors position, while Grays Harbor PUD incumbent Commissioner Russ Skolrood is leading over John Straka.

An Excess levy for ambulance Services in Fire District 17 that covers Humptulips/Axford Prairie appears to be passing.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer is leading over Marty McClendon, while incumbent Dean Takko leads over David Steenson, incumbent Brian Blake leads over Hugh Fleet, and incumbent Steve Tharinger leads over Thomas Greisamer

In Pacific County, they’re looking at closer to 51% voter turnout so far, incumbent Commissioner Lisa Ayers is leading over Michael Hess. Incumbent County Prosecutor David Burke is trailing challenger Mark McClain by over 1100 votes. and Incumbent PUD Commissioner Mike Swanson is holding on to a strong lead over Joe Basil. (BASE-UL)

Pacific County is also passing an EMS Ambulance fund.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler lead over Bob Dingethal, and incumbent South District Court Judge Douglas Goelz is leading over Nancy R. McAllister.

POSTMARK: Make sure your ballot is counted by election day

Election day is next week, the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s office reports they have mailed out 37,375 ballots, and have already processed almost 9,000 Elections Supervisor Katy Moore tells us early voter turnout is just over %23.

Moore reminds voters to make sure they get their ballots in the mail on time, she said any ballots postmarked after November 4th will not get counted in the November General Election. “I did a quick survey of the post offices in our county asking what time they change the postmark date on mail. The times are different depending on if the mail is dropped off at the local post office or put in one of their blue collection boxes.”

Mail ballots dropped off after the cutoff time are postmarked with the NEXT day’s date.

City                   Post Office Cutoff            Collection Box Cutoff

Aberdeen                 5 p.m.                                    1 p.m.

Hoquiam                   5:00                                       1:00

Cosmopolis              5:00                                       1:00

Montesano              5:00                                       1:30

Elma                           4:00                                       2:00

McCleary                  3:30                                       1:30

Ocean Shores          4:30                                       11 a.m.

Moore adds “You made the effort to vote and put the ballot in the mail. Make sure it counts by putting it in the mail early enough to be dated correctly!”

If do wait until the last minute, make sure your ballot is counted by putting it in one the drop box locations around the county, they are kept open until 8 p.m. on election day.

State to fine owners of Mason County water system for neglect

The Washington State Department of Health intends to issue a $17,640 penalty to the investor-owners of Ripplewood Tracts water system in Mason County. The planned fine is for violating a state directive to bring the water system into compliance with drinking water regulations.

In March, the agency directed the owners to hire a certified operator to run and maintain the system, to test the water for nitrate contamination, and to notify customers that the water system had violated state drinking water regulations. As of October 30, the owners had not complied with the directive.

The state requires public water systems to employ trained, certified operators to ensure safe operation of the water systems.

Operators routinely test the water for contaminants, including nitrate, which poses a serious health risk because it reduces the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen. Infants and people who don’t have enough stomach acids or with an inherited lack of the enzyme that converts affected red blood cells back to normal (methemoglobin reductase) are especially at risk.

The water system ownership includes Heritor Inc., a Washington corporation; and Ripplewood Utilities, Bristol Group, a Washington corporation. The registered office for the water system is 843 S. 212th St., Suite 105, Kent.

The agency issued a $22,680 penalty against the same investor group for violating state drinking water regulations in its operation of the Green Mountain Acres water system in Kitsap County. The penalty, issued Feb. 13, 2014, is under appeal, and negotiations are under way to transfer ownership of that system to Kitsap Public Utility District #1.

“We hold water system owners and operators to very strict standards because of the role they play in protecting public health,” said Clark Halvorson, director of the agency’s Office of Drinking Water. “We’d rather work with owners to find solutions than penalize them, but when they shirk their responsibility, we have little choice but to issue financial penalties.”

The owners filed an appeal on October 16. The penalty is suspended until the appeal is resolved.

The Department of Health website ( is your source for a healthy dose of information. Also, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Westport Aquarium to celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Pescado)

The Westport Aquarium is celebrating Dia de los Muertos – or Day of the Dead this Saturday evening, curator Kathryn Mersell tells it’s part of a grant to promote leaving less meat on the bone, decrease fish waste, and to keep the fisherman from feeding the sea lions which makes them more aggressive on the Westport docks.

The event is from 5:30-7:30 pm Saturday, admission to the aquarium is free. Mersell said the community is also invited to bring their own art or recipes to share for this event. Both will be published in next years cookbook, with permission.

Copies of the cookbook from last years art and fish recipes will be available at the event as well.

You can also help them with one of the biggest jigsaw puzzles as they begin to assemble a 39 foot

grey whale that washed ashore last summer, and the Aquarium has prepared for display, prepared but not reassebled yet. Mersell said “We have a chiropractor coming to help us get them all in the right order…come and help us organize them. We will have free arts and crafts and mini fish bone archaeological digs you can participate in. Free coupons will be given for special fish on the bone meals at local restaurants. Don’t miss the fun! Come support us in finding fun and useful ways to love and use the WHOLE FISH Saturday November 1st 2014 ”


Hoquiam house fire started near wood insert stove

A stubborn house fire displaced a Hoquiam mother and two children yesterday. Captain John Bickar tells us they responded to the home in the 600 block of Queen Avenue around 10:30 Tuesday morning. “We showed up on scene, had quit a bit of smoke coming out of the wall and the eves over by the chimney. Went in and we had fire in the walls, opened those up and it went right upstairs and into the attic. So the crews exposed that and extinguished it.”

No one was injured in the fire, the renter had just left about 10 minutes beforehand with a fire going in a the wood insert-stove. Bickar said it appeared that the chimney failed somewhere between the stove and the wall. Damage estimates were over $30,000 mostly from smoke, crews were able to keep the damages mostly over the front room and a second bedroom in the attic space.


Hoquiam outsources ambulance billing, drops resident write-off

No more special treatment for Hoquiam residents when it comes to ambulance billing. The Hoquiam City Council last night adopted a new ordinance that outsources that department, and standardizes rates. Resident Dave Forbes said during the public comment period “I know that our city’s in a real financial bind, but the citizens of Hoquiam have stepped forward several times in the past with special fees that we’ve been paying for a long time that were supposed to have helped pay for the ambulance service for the average citizen in Hoquiam and it sounds to me like we’re doing away with just about all of that.”
The council last night got a look at a balanced budget proposal by Finance Director Mike Folkers, which assumes lower service levels, and the changes in ambulance fees. “As you know today we go out, we take you on an ambulance trip, we bill your insurance. Anything that’s left over from that trip we write off, for Hoquiam residents. That’s problematic for us for a number of reasons but it doesn’t help us.”
City Administrator Brian Shay likened the problem to your water department “The average homeowner pays a water bill every month, they get a water leak, they want us to come over and shut their water off, we send a guy over there with a truck and we charge him $30. We get a call for someone to check their blood pressure, we’ll send two highly trained personnel in $100,000 ambulance, and [currently] there’s no charge.
Attempting to put the brakes on the idea, Councilman Greg Grund postponed a vote on one of the the committee reports “You know you can charge somebody to death with all of these fees and everything, I think it should be tabled because people have the right to know what’s gonna happen and what’s gonna change. Tabling this until the next meeting I don’t see how that does any harm.” His motion stalled the non-transport-section of the ordinance which allows the city to bill you a flat rate if an ambulance shows up but doesn’t transport you. The council went on to adopt the new billing policies, and an Indigent Care policy last night.

Active Shooter Training at Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen – just a drill

Police will storm Miller Junior High School in Aberdeen this weekend, over and over again. It’s part of Active Shooter Training for local departments. Aberdeen Police Captain John Green tells us his department, in conjunction with the Aberdeen Fire Department and numerous other Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies within Grays Harbor, is conducting a multi-agency Active Shooter Training Drill will be held at Miller Jr. Hi the morning of November 1st.

This training drill is the second in a series of events planned by local law enforcement and fire departments to test and evaluate our joint response to active shooter type incidents. The November 1st drill has been in the planning phase for over two months.

The drill is expected to last a total of five hours and involves the following agencies.

Aberdeen Police Department

Aberdeen Fire Department

Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office

Hoquiam Police Department

Hoquiam Fire Department

Grays Harbor Fire District 2

Grays Harbor Communications (911)

Grays Harbor Community Hospital

Aberdeen School District

Drug Takeback Day everyday at the Hoquiam Police Department

Got Drugs? You can now drop off your unused or unwanted prescription drugs at the Hoquiam Police Department any time. Thanks in part to Jefferson County who donated the large metal drop box.

Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us they have participated in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s National Drug Takeback day twice a year for the past four years, collecting and safely disposing of over 1,307 pounds of unwanted medications.

Myers said the program provided an opportunity for citizens to safely dispose of unwanted prescription and over the- counter medications. Safe disposal prevents diversion of medications to children, teens and drug abusers; it also prevents chemical derivatives from ending up in the water table from medications being flushed into the sewer system.

For most teens, drug abuse starts from within the family medicine cabinet, not from the drug dealer.

The DEA provided boxes for each collection day and the department shipped the filled boxes back to the DEA for incineration. The most recent DEA Take Back-Day was September 27, 2014 whereby the department collected 165 pounds of medication from 58 people. This volume of medications filled six large boxes.

To date, the Hoquiam Police Department has successfully collected and safely disposed of 1,307 pounds of unwanted medications. Myers said it’s a great program, but limited to certain dates.

“Inevitably, within a few days of the last Drug Take-Back day, citizens came in with medication wondering when the next collection day would be? Each year it was not clear if the federal government would continue to fund Take-Back days. Our sergeants felt it was important to provide safe medication disposal more than just twice per year.”

While at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department on a recent investigation, Det. Sgt. Shane Krohn was able to obtain a brand-new, metal Drug Take-Back box; Jefferson County donated it to HPD.

Image Signs of Hoquiam marked the box before it was installed by Police Services Officer Roy Kinney in the police department lobby. PSO Kinney recognized the important need of this service and finished the installation on his day-off.

Myers said “I am very proud of the ingenuity and dedication of our staff in serving the citizens of Hoquiam with programs such as this Drug Take-Back drop box. HPD is the first law enforcement agency with this service, so we hope all citizens in Grays Harbor will take advantage of safely disposing of medication 24/7 in our lobby drop-box. Although there is a nominal measure of work added to our evidence custodians, as well as a small fee for incinerating these medications, our department leadership team felt the benefit outweighs the cost.

The Grays Harbor County Health Department is currently applying for a $2000 grant to assist in supporting and promoting this valuable service. I would like to commend Det. Sgt. Krohn, Officer Gaddis and PSO Kinney for their work in implementing this program.