• Marbled Murrelet

    Board of Natural Resources launches review of alternatives for marbled murrelet conservation

    At its regular monthly public meeting yesterday, the Board of Natural Resources began the process of comparing five alternative proposals aimed at conserving habitat for the marbled murrelet on state trust lands in western Washington. “I’m pleased with the robust discussion of the alternatives for conserving marbled murrelet habitat,” said Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public […]

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  • Pumpout Washington is a project of Washington Sea Grant, in partnership with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

    Washington’s Clean Boating Program wins $1.5 Million federal grant for waste pumpouts

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced a $1.5 million grant to the Washington State Parks Department’s Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Program, which works in partnership with Washington Sea Grant to help marinas install and operate septic pumpout stations, educate marina owners and boaters about the importance of clean water and proper onboard sewage disposal, and […]

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  • Army Corps of Engineers to begin annual dredging of Grays Harbor

    SEATTLE, Wash. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, announced that the annual maintenance dredging of the Federal navigation channel in the Grays Harbor Inner Harbor will begin today and continue through Feb. 14, 2014 – the time of year particularly suited for dredging to ensure the least impact to aquatic species and resources.

    Removal of approximately 1 million cubic yards of material will begin in the inner harbor near Aberdeen, Wash., extending to the middle of the harbor. The Corps’ Seattle District awarded a $4.2 million dredging contract to American Construction Co., Inc., of Tacoma, Wash. The project is expected to be completed by Feb. 15.

    The channel requires annual dredging to allow shipping from the Pacific Ocean to the head of the navigation channel at Cosmopolis, Wash. Shoaling, sedimentation filling in the channel, reduces the ability of ships to enter and leave safely under full load or during low tide conditions.

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  • First Group of Endangered Butterflies Hatches in Prison

    BELFAIR, Wash. – The butterfly rearing program at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women is taking off – literally.

    After weeks of careful handling and scientific documentation, the first endangered Taylor’s Checkerspot butterflies have emerged from their cocoons and are ready to take flight to a new habitat.

    Offenders at Mission Creek raise the butterfly to prevent it from being listed under the federal Endangered Species Act which would halt operations at a Joint Base Lewis-McChord artillery range where their current habitat is.

    The inmate technicians are taking copious notes and have made the program something to be proud of – Mary Linders, a biologist at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

    Linders said the program has doubled the capacity for raising the butterflies and that the first group should be ready for flight sometime in April.

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