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Flu hits peak levels in Washington State

OLYMPIA — The flu has reached its peak, and 19 lab-confirmed flu deaths have been reported across the state since December. Only lab-confirmed flu deaths are reportable in the state, and many cases aren’t lab tested, so the actual toll of

Avoid the gift that no one wants, the flu

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The holidays are synonymous with travel, parties, and get-togethers. And that creates opportunities for people to spread illnesses like the flu. The state Department of Health recommends getting a flu vaccine to protect yourself and your family

State Parks Asks “Would You Like Flies With That?”

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Should the State Parks system operate more like an enterprise-based hospitality industry, a public conservation asset based mostly on grant and tax funding – or perhaps a system of parks freely standing as community non-profit entities? What