• Repairs Underway on Simpson Avenue Bridge in Hoquiam

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – Friday, WSDOT and its contractor, Quigg Bros.Inc., began drilling shafts to repair the bridge pier. Ten shafts, which are 160-foot-long steel casings, 36” in diameter will be drilled into the river bottom between now and mid-December. The work is subject to adverse weather conditions such as wind or strong tides, which may affect marine operations.


    Next Steps

    Crews will cast concrete caps on the tops of the completed shafts to serve as jacking platforms. The shafts will be used to pick up the load of the pier from the existing piles to support the bridge. These ten shafts will provide the capacity needed to safely open the bridge to traffic. A subsequent  contract will be administered to complete the remaining repairs to the pier.


    When will the bridge reopen?

    WSDOT is still on track to open in January and for at least the next few weeks, crews will work 12-hour shifts, twice a day, six days a week.

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  • Culvert Replacement Project Begins on HWY 105 in Raymond

    RAYMOND, Wash. – Salmon and other fish soon will have any easier swim in Norris Slough under SR 105 to Willapa Bay. Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) begins work Thursday, Oct. 7 to replace a narrow culvert with a new bridge on SR 105 about 16 miles west of Raymond.


    The project also will reduce erosion in the area. But traffic on SR 105 could get messy when construction begins. Crews will keep one lane of traffic moving at all times during construction by building a temporary detour road on the south side of the highway. WSDOT will maintain Traffic flow day and night with a temporary signal.


    Daytime single-lane closures could cause travel delays of up to 20 minutes. Around-the-clock single-lane closures will begin later this year when crews will start building the new bridge, requiring traffic to follow a longer detour. This $2.9 million project is funded through state and federal highway improvement funds.

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  • WSDOT and WSP ask Drivers to Delay Travel Plans if Possible

    OLYMPIA – As a large winter storm system works its way through Western Washington, drivers are asked to delay travel if possible.


    “If you can, delay travel until Tuesday or Wednesday,” said Chris Christopher, Maintenance Director for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). “Conditions continue to deteriorate today, especially in the Puget Sound area. If you have to be on the road, slow down, drive for conditions and let WSDOT trucks through.”


    Christopher said WSDOT has all its crews out, but it’s difficult to clear the roads in high-traffic areas.


    “If you must drive, slow down and increase your following distance,” said WSP Chief John R. Batiste. “Leave early so you won’t be tempted to rush and risk a collision.”


    Christopher said weather reports indicate the storm should move out of Puget Sound and Southwest Washington area Tuesday.

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