• US Army conducting helicopter exercises at Satsop Business Park

    ELMA, Wash. – We’ll see some helicopters over the Satsop Business Park next week. The Regional Education and Training Center client, US Army SOAR(A) team, will be conducting aerial helicopter exercises the night of Wednesday, December 4, 2013. The exercises will begin approximately 7:00 pm and conclude approximately 11:00 pm.

    Army SOAR(A) will also be conducting aerial recon on Monday, December 2, 2013, during the daytime for a daylight view of the Park and landing zones.

    For their evening exercise on the 4th, the Army will be potentially utilizing all the Park helicopter landing zones. The Army does not anticipate landing at the Park – just flying over the zones for airborne drop of and pick up.

    The RETC tells us they “do not anticipate this will cause any interference for the nearby community, or with normal Park business activities.

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  • Wynoochee Dam Malfunction

    Chuck Wallace Deputy Director of Emergency Management tells KBKW that at 2:20 this afternoon, one of the gates on the Wynoochee Dam opened for 10 minutes and released a 4000cfs surge downstream.

    According to the Army Corps of Engineers it has created a 3 foot wave surge downstream. They are saying the 3 foot  surge should “wash out” as it travels downstream. Boaters and fishermen should be alert for the surge.

    Homeowners should be alert for any issues along the river through the evening. No flooding is expected.

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  • Pikeminnow program pays off big and helps save salmon

    Portland, Ore. – Anglers hooked large payoffs during this year’s Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program, raking in over $1.2 million by catching 173,112 of the voracious salmon eaters. 

    The program provides cash for catching pikeminnow, a large member of the minnow family, in the Columbia and Snake rivers. These predators chow down on millions of young salmon and steelhead every year. Research shows that reducing the number of pikeminnow helps salmon and steelhead survival.

    One angler earned $81,366 during the six-month season, breaking the individual record for catching specially tagged fish that are worth up to $500.  He hooked 13 tagged fish and earned $6,500 in the process.

    “This program provides an opportunity to earn income, which is especially important during these tough economic times, and it’s good for salmon,” said Russell Porter, senior program manager for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. “We appreciate the effort of all those anglers who participated, and we look forward to another successful year in 2011.”

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  • Record-setting payoff hooks pikeminnow anglers

    Portland, OR – Lower, warmer water conditions are likely contributing to the bumper crop of pikeminnow caught during this year’s Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program.  Watch a video with fishing tips and program details. Compared to this time last year, the 2010 season numbers are ahead by 30,000 fish.

    The program provides cash for catching pikeminnow, a large member of the minnow family, in the Columbia and Snake rivers. These voracious predators chow down on millions of young salmon and steelhead every year. Research shows that reducing the number pikeminnow helps salmon and steelhead survival.

    One lucky angler has broken the individual record for catching specially tagged fish that are worth up to $500.  He has hooked 12 tagged fish and earned $6,000 in the process. Thousands of tagged fish are still available.

    With nearly two months to go in the season, another angler has earned more than $51,000, nudging the record of nearly $58,000 for individual earnings.

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  • BPA Identifies New Potential Routes For Proposed Power Line

    The Bonneville Power Administration released a new map of possible power line segments the agency will consider for its I-5 Corridor Reinforcement project. The map includes new potential route segments in eastern Clark County farther from population centers, and two new potential substation sites near Castle Rock, Wash.

    The map further refines years of preliminary examination of routes for the proposed new transmission line. The proposed project is needed to resolve a critical electric bottleneck that could otherwise lead to outages in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon as early as 2016. No new high-voltage power lines have been built in the area in more than four decades, although the area population has doubled.

    “The local need for the line is without question,” said Brian Skeahan, general manager of Cowlitz County Public Utility District, which depends on transmission in the I-5 corridor for its power. “We need this transmission, and we need it relatively soon.”

    BPA has scheduled four public meetings in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon to explain the status of the project and the next steps.  Dates and locations for the meetings and the new map can be found at www.bpa.gov/go/i5.

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  • Quinault Nation Declares State of Emergency

    Fawn Sharp, President of the Quinault Indian Nation, declared a state of emergency Tuesday night due to a breach in the Taholah seawall and destruction of a smokehouse, other outbuildings and properties in the lower village. The damage was caused by high waves and intense winds. A press release from the Tribe said Sharp is […]

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  • Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Rhubarb Edition

    The Best of Twin Harbors winners were announced this week- guess what?
    Nancy’s Bakery and Deidra’s Deli walked away with the top prize in their categories! This is the 2nd year running that the voters have shown exemplary taste and discernment in their choices. Good job and applause for you loyal and fastidious judges of great food- and huge thanks from us at the market. We know quite well what a good thing we have going. It’s pretty exciting to see that others share our appreciation for Deidra and Nancy.
    I officially declare that this week is Rhubarb Week! We have an abundance of great Rhubarb, all grown here on Grays Harbor , and I’m marking the price down to $1.99 per pound. Such a deal! Nancy is busy making more rhubarb jam this morning, and rhubarb pies came out of the oven earlier.
    So you may be wondering what you can do to make use of this extraordinary vegetable which masquerades as a fruit. Wonder no more. I have recipes.
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  • Applications Begin for Pontoon Construction Site

    ABERDEEN, Wash. (KBKW) – The Pontoon Project in Grays Harbor is one step closer, the Washington State Department of Transportation has applied to perform work in Grays Harbor waters, including construction of the casting basin, excavation of an access channel across uplands and through inter-tidal and sub-tidal portions of Grays Harbor, as well as designation and construction of a pontoon storage area.

    The public notice issued by the Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers also details mitigation plans to compensate for a total wetland fill of .90 acre. Ecology is accepting public comment on the application until January 22nd.

    For more details, see the notice at http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/sea/fed-permit/pdf/200800151_JPN.pdf

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  • BPA Makes Payment to U.S. Treasury

    Portland, Ore. – The Bonneville Power Administration made its 27th consecutive annual payment to the U.S. Treasury – a total of $864.1 million for fiscal year 2010, which ended Sept. 30.  This extended history of on time and in full payments underscores BPA’s financial stability.  It also represents an ongoing, substantial return to U.S. taxpayers, who originally invested in the region’s federal dams, energy efficiency, fish and wildlife mitigation, and transmission infrastructure. BPA’s annual payments primarily comprise principal and interest on the federal investment.

    “BPA’s record of payments reflects our conservative approach to fiscal management, and is a clear indicator that BPA is financially stable,” said Steve Wright, BPA administrator. “The agency’s staff and our customers have helped build this foundation over time and that has helped us weather yet another tough financial year caused by low water and poor economic conditions.”

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  • Bonneville Power Administration Shares New Wind, Weather Display

    BPA has applied for a patent on a new wind display to help power managers track wind energy generation. The display is now publicly available online. Portland, Ore. – Reporters and the public can now view a new online display of wind and other data the Bonneville Power Administration uses to monitor weather conditions that drive the growing amount of wind energy generated in the Northwest.

    BPA has applied for a patent on the unusual display, which illustrates the last three hours of data from 14 new BPA weather stations as animated “windsocks” moving and changing shape to reflect wind conditions. The display is designed to give power managers an instant picture of regional wind and weather conditions at a glance.

    The display is available at bpa.gov/go/windsocks and requires Java Runtime 5.0.

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