Grays Harbor County Commissioners eyeing levy shift again this year

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Grays Harbor County commissioners are staring down as much as a $1 million budget deficit, and they're not ruling out a levy shift again next year. County Commissioner Frank Gordon said this week "Unless we're going to go down to the casino and roll some dice I hate to say it but I can't see any way of getting away from shifting the road fund." Gordon wants to use the unpopular accounting gimmick again this year to shift as much as $1-million from the county's road fund into their general fund. "I will say whatever happens among us on voting for adjustments or changes we have, I don't have a problem taking the darn gone bullet if we have to do this.
Commissioner Wes Cormier said he's against it, and Commissioner Herb Welch, although he has voted for it in the past, said he wants to avoid the increase again -if possible.

Grays Harbor and Pacific County Farm Bureau elects 2014 officers

MONTESANO, Wash. - 2014 Officers were elected at the Annual Grays Harbor & Pacific County Farm Bureau Dinner on Friday.
President Terry Willis, VP Al Loughead, Secretary/Treasurer Dan Wood and State Board Owen Schaffner were selected, members also heard from guest speakers State Representative Brian Blake and CEO of the Washington Farm Bureau John Stuhmiller.

Their next regular meeting will be Jan. 27th, with guest speaker Cosmopolis Mayor, and Grays Harbor Commissioner Candidate Vickie Raines.

Cameras, Cameras, Everywhere And All The Boards Did Think

MONTESANO, Wash. - When does security compromise sincerity? A question posed to the Montesano City Council this week by Police Chief Brett Vance as he reported on the new trend in city buildings since the March 9th shooting one block away "I think the biggest blockade we have in this is that we've gotten into that mode of 'we are a small town, and we are a very safe town' unfortunately it takes one incident like this to open our eyes and realize that it could happen anywhere."
The Montesano City Council on Tuesday discussed security measures ranging from cameras, to I.D. Cards, to bulletproof glass. "I've been living in Monte for over five years now, I still consider it Mayberry. As we're trying to make things a little bit safer, I don't want us to rush into something." Councilman Chris Hutchinson contrasted an extreme example noting bulletproof glass in Los Angeles fast food resturaunts.

County Commissioners Sign Inter-Local Co-Op

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Grays Harbor County Commissioners yesterday signed the Chehalis Watershed Cooperative inter-local agreement at a special public meeting. County Commissioner Terry Willis tells us the other members are the confederated tribes of the Chehalis and Thurston county. Commissioner Herb Welch was the only no vote yesterday morning.

Do Not Park In The Middle of The Road.. Signs

No Parking signs will soon be seen on the Wynoochie Valley Road near Carter Creek, where it's become a hazard that some boaters and fisherman are parking along narrow parts of the shoulder and at times across the traveled roadway.

County Commissioner Terry Willis explained the need for these restrictions in that area, while talking with Doug McDowell after Monday's County Commissioner's meeting.

The impromptu boat ramp has formed near milepost 14, and in this case "no parking" means don't park in the road.