• State marine debris hotline going offline at the end of the year

    SEATTLE (AP) – State officials say they’re suspending a hotline set up for reporting marine debris because it hasn’t been getting calls.

    The hotline was set up so beach-goers and others could report potentially dangerous or tsunami-related marine debris that turned up on Washington’s shorelines.

    Officials plan to take the hotline 1-855-WACOAST offline at 5 p.m. Dec. 31.

    State official Terry Egan says the state hasn’t had a major marine incident in nearly a year and the overall amount of debris found on beaches has also decreased.

    People can still report hazardous marine debris such as gas cans and oil drums to another hotline, 1-800-OILS-911.

    Those who find non-hazardous marine debris that is suspected from the 2011 Japan tsunami can email [email protected]

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  • Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill in October

    Camp Murray, WA – Washington will join its Western neighbors in Oregon, Idaho, California and British Columbia in the Great Shakeout earthquake drill on Oct. 18 at 10:18 a.m.
    Millions on the West Coast are expected to participate in a simultaneous “Drop, Cover, Hold” Drill which will emphasize the importance of emergency preparedness at home, school and the workplace. As part of the Washington ShakeOut in October, participants are encouraged not only to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” but take at least one additional step to ready themselves and their families for earthquakes.

    Earthquakes are one of the greatest natural hazards for Washington residents, The Great Shakeout Drill will boost public awareness of the state’s earthquake hazard while demonstrating the important of emergency preparedness at home, school and the workplace. – Jim Mullen, Washington Emergency Management Division (WEMD) director
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  • Hoquiam City Council Votes to NOT Support I-1033

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – The City of Hoquiam adopted a resolution to NOT support Initiative 1033 last night. After holding a public hearing on the matter.

    Comments included Dave Forbes disagreeing with the city holding a position, and David Everett president of the local firefighters 315 said "this has the potential to take 5.9 billion dollars out of local and county governemnts by the year 2015, there is no other alternative revenue stream even suggested to replace these monies"

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  • Wash. pulls permits for 2 oil train terminals

    HOQUIAM (AP) – Officials are rejecting permits for two major oil-train terminals in Southwest Washington after deciding the projects should face more environmental scrutiny.

    The state Shorelines Hearings Board issued a letter Wednesday saying it plans to invalidate the permits for Westway Terminal Co. and Imperium Terminal Services, which want to build oil shipping terminals at the Port of Grays Harbor that could store up to 1.5 million barrels of crude from North Dakota and Alberta. The city of Hoquiam issued the permits last spring, after determining in conjunction with the state Ecology Department that the proposals posed minimal threat to the environment.

    Groups including the Quinalt Indian Nation and the Sierra Club appealed. They argued that city and state officials failed to consider the cumulative environmental impacts of having the two terminals running along with a third terminal planned nearby. The board agreed.

    The board also says the effects of increased train and vessel traffic need to be considered, as does the damage that could be posed by an oil spill.

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