Imperium Renewables continues push to expand, create jobs in Grays Harbor

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Imperium Renewables will move ahead with plans to expand its business and create more jobs at the Port of Grays Harbor despite the Shoreline Hearings Board’s decision to require additional permitting work.
Although the board unanimously rejected many of the arguments that opponents sought to use to block the project, a majority did take the unprecedented position that the City of Hoquiam and the Washington Department of Ecology should have considered not only the potential cumulative impacts of Imperium’s bulk liquid project and a similar nearby proposal from Westway Terminals, but also a third project at another location that is in such early stages that no permit applications have even been filed.
“We respectfully disagree with the Board’s conclusion that any proposed project at another site — anyone who can imagine doing something – provides the basis for denying our permit,” said John Plaza, CEO of Imperium Renewables. “Such an unfair standard if applied in Grays Harbor County and throughout Washington would effectively paralyze investment across the state.”
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  • Imperium Renewables CEO replies to permitting setbacks in Hoquiam

    The statement below can be attributed to John Plaza, founder and CEO of Imperium Renewables:

    Beginning last year, Imperium started the process of permitting the construction of a multi-commodity terminal expansion adjacent to its existing 100 million gallon biodiesel facility.  It has applied for and received a vast majority of the permits required for the construction of this expansion, including a Shoreline Substantial Development permit and accompanying environmental review by the City of Hoquiam and Department of Ecology.  Earlier this year, a small contingent of opponents appealed to the Shoreline Hearings Board for further review of the Hoquiam Shoreline permit.

    Yesterday, the Shoreline Hearings Board administrative law judge issued a letter providing Imperium and other interested parties some initial guidance on the Board’s decisions regarding information that both the proponents of the project filed, as well as the opposition.  The letter issued yesterday does not constitute a final order for all involved, but does give the parties some clear direction on the pending conclusions from the Board that is expected in the coming weeks. 

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