Emerson Manor residents to return home next week

Jerry Raines from the Housing Authority has announced that the displaced Emerson Manor tenants will be returning to their apartments Tuesday morning, March 18th. The nearly month long evacuation is ending.

On Thursday February 20th a fire and resulting water damage began a series of events leading to the evacuation of the entire building including nearly 60 tenants, the Senior Center, Anchor Bank, and two other stores, Trinkets & Treasures and Hoquiam Shear Artistry. Numerous response agencies, state and county assistance programs, the Red Cross, Grays Harbor County Public Health, the Faith Based Community, numerous animal foster families, the City of Hoquiam and Grays Harbor County began an unbelievable alliance to assist in the evacuation, housing and the provision of meals for the tenants.

Last Friday, the stores, including Anchor Bank and the Senior Center could re-open for business. Tuesday, the tenants will return. The alliance of groups and agencies will be assisting in the return of the tenants and their pets to the Emerson Manor.

The Housing Authority would like to thank the tenants and all support agencies for their assistance, understanding and patience during this event. The displaced tenants will be welcomed back home beginning at 10am on Tuesday. The Emerson Manor has been cleaned and buffed, wiped, walls painted, ductwork vacuumed, and the floors and living units impacted by the water damage have been repaired. Most of the final finishing touches will be completed by Monday.

All agencies associated with this alliance wish to thank the citizens of Grays Harbor County for their help, guidance and compassion throughout this event. It could not have been accomplished without your support.

Emerson Manor cleanup continues in Hoquiam, re-opening the Senior Center a priority

The clean-up at the Emerson Manor is in full swing with a large work force. Walls, ceilings and ductwork are being cleaned and dried. Work crews continue to inspect damaged areas of the building and are removing wet carpeting in hallways. Much work has been accomplished in the Senior Center as it has been made a priority by the Housing Authority. They are determined to open the Senior Center as soon as possible following test results insuring the safety of all who work and visit the Center.

Grays Harbor County Public Health conducted a meeting today with numerous churches and agencies to develop a plan to continue providing meals to the displaced tenants. Tentative plans have been made for the weekend.

Many agencies continue to work with the displaced tenants ensuring they have necessary health care and assistance. Travelling to multiple locations has made the task much harder, but all agencies are determined to provide the same level of assistance they had prior to the events at the Emerson Manor.

Work continues tomorrow and every day with a goal of an efficient, complete and quick clean-up, and restoration of the Emerson Manor. The safety of the tenants is and has been the top priority of the Housing Authority and all agencies connected with the evacuation.

The task is large and Anchor Bank (who was also displaced in this event,) has been gracious enough to set up a fund to assist the tenants in their time of need. Please visit any Anchor Bank location and make your monetary donation to the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Testing and clean-up efforts continue as Emerson Manor in Hoquiam remains closed

The Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency reports residents of the Emerson in Hoquiam have settled in to temporary housing, cleanup efforts continued today. Chuck Wallace said Wednesday afternoon “Mayor Jack Durney and his staff have worked very hard to lend assistance to the Emerson Manor Evacuation events and advised us today, they were able to find space to move some of the tenant property while the clean-up of the individual apartments takes place. This is great news as it helps accomplish the task at hand in a quicker, more efficient manner. They have also been in contact with the Hoquiam Food Bank and with the Elks Club about assisting with the long term care of some of the tenants and assisting in efforts to reopen the Senior Center in a different location while the clean-up continues. The City of Hoquiam efforts help to reinforce their commitment to the welfare of their citizens and to the entire Emerson Manor Evacuation process.

Over 60 residents were evacuated and the building effectively quarantined on Monday after hazardous bacteria levels were found in runoff water from the building’s sprinkler system.

Today, additional testing has taken place to ensure an efficient and complete clean-up of the Emerson Manor Apartments and Senior Center. Drying efforts continue while building plans are being evaluated to be sure every area of the Emerson Manor is inspected and cleaned. The clean-up continues tomorrow with more workers arriving to assist in the efforts.

Wallace added the housed tenants have received lunch at the Immanuel Baptist Church and also were treated to a hot dinner at their location by the Union Gospel Mission. Spirits are as high as can be expected. Jerry Raines from the Housing Authority has expressed his appreciation to the tenants, insisting their cooperation and understanding has helped make the entire process run smoothly.
The work force for this event has scaled back to mostly local efforts with skeleton crews accepting the burden of the work. All are performing admirably and will continue to do so until all tenants return to the Emerson Manor Apartments.
Anchor Bank has set up a fund to assist the residents. Please visit any Anchor Bank location and make your monetary donation to the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund.

Hoquiam Celebrates Art About and the Rain Festival

These Hoquiam businesses personally invite you: 

Alexander’s Grill- featuring Deborah Ivey-Boone
Timberland Bank- featuring Carrie Larson and photos by Ellen Pickell
Ken Schoenfeld Furniture- Gwen and Shela Dery
Silver Pony Antiques- Lee Staley and Ron Westman
US Bank- Branda Peterson
7-Eleven- Robin Moore
Hoquiam Senior Center- Mary Lou Gregory watercolors, Donna Miller paintings and art offerings of Ian Crittenden
Six Rivers GAllery- Robin Harlow and David Quamme
Levee Lumber- artwork by Barbara Schillinger
Durney Insurance- watercolors by Kathleen Graddy
Hoquiam Swansons- art of Patty Kudel
Ace Electric- Elizabeth Bolton
Anchor Bank- art of Corinna Luyken
Bank of the Pacific- Susan La Midrid
Sweet Shoppe space- Bailey Kessler and Connie Boyer
QD Uniforms- artwork of Richard Cherry

2010 Little League State Tournament to be Hosted in East Grays Harbor

EGHLL will be hosting the 9-10 District Tournament starting July 4th.  This will be a great dry run for the 2010 games.  Carol and Bill Muhlhauser from the Elma Senior Center have partnered with us to do concessions this season and they have already developed a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week as well as the "must have" baseball foods we all love. 

As we prepare for the tournament next month as well as next year, we will need a ton of help to get ready.  We will be starting to do work here within the next 3-4 weeks, building bleachers and pouring concrete.  Contact Ian Osgood or Tim Hamilton (360-470-4774). We will also be replacing our fence advertising with full color 4 x 8 advertising that will stay up through the 2010 games.   Please contact Troy or Cathy Colley if you would like a premium spot. (360)495-4130 – cathycolley@comcast.net.