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Copalis Crossing Fire District 16 irons out payment plan for service-stopping city debt

COPALIS CROSSING, Wash. – The fire district that covers Copalis Crossing has reached a deal with the City of Hoquiam to pay off back bills and restore ambulance service to the North Grays Harbor area.

Commissioners from district 16 met with Hoquiam officials and representatives from Senator Jim Hargrove’s office this week to iron out a payment plan for about $12-thousand owed. City Administrator Brian Shay tells us the arrangement should have them caught up within a year and a half. Shay commended the current leadership team of 16, and said that city staff are working on a new formal agreement to provide EMS service to the area.

Fire District 16 has two levies on the November ballot, one for EMS, and one for Fire.

Flood Authority funds Montesano project, “more to do” on three others

The Authority said the other projects are still priorities and it is expected that additional appropriations from the Legislature will allow money to be transferred back to the other projects for construction.

Senator Jim Hargrove and Representatives Steve Tharinger and Brian Blake have committed to advocate in the next Legislative session for the funding needed to complete the three projects. Fully funding the Montesano project provides the opportunity to construct the project potentially before the coming flood season and prevent catastrophic damage if another major flood was to occur. Even with the transfer of funds to the Montesano project there is still funding for engineering design and permits to proceed as planned for the three other projects.
The Flood Authority also adopted a new method for funding the early warning system, Lewis County will pay %64, Grays Harbor %22, and Thurston county %14 of the $55,000 annual fee.