Winners, Chowder, and “Clambo” highlight 8th annual Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival and Seafood Extravaganza

The winning guess was 1700 razor clam shells, 1701 was the actual count as Chris from Yelm Washington won himself “Clambo” the 5 foot wooden Razor Guardian seen at the 8th Annual Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival and Seafood Extravaganza over the weekend.

Dianne Hansen with the Chamber said Saturday’s passport program saw 769 votes for the best clam chowder. “And out of that our first second and third place there were four votes that made the difference.” Hansen added “The winner of the people’s choice was Emily’s number one, North Shore Grill second, and Bennet’s Fish Shack took third.”

With 7 competing “special recipes” North Shore Grill took First place in the Professional Chowder Cook-off, Chef Kieth Crovasie: What’s your secret? “This is a tried and true recipe of Mrs. Jenny Hill, she is now the Hotel Manager. One of the things that we got feedback on is this chowder has corn in it and others don’t. It’s also got a very little bit of a kick because of the Jalepano.” 

North Shore Grill, located in front of the Ramada Inn in Ocean Shores, placed in every category.

Randy Dennis of the Dennis Company said the weekend ended with no better news than the approval of a razor clam dig. “It was a great festival here in Ocean Shores. I was here also promoting the Long Beach Festival April 19th and 20th, and clam digging starts up again here on Wednesday for the Twin Harbors.”

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Ocean Shores preps for 8th Annual Razor Clam Festival & Seafood Extravaganza

Do you enjoy live music throughout the day? Or do you enjoy cook offs? If so, Ocean Shores is the place to be, March 21-23rd. Friday from noon-5pm, Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-3pm. It’s a great place to take your kids for the weekend, with face painting, mechanical shark rides, dance performances by the local “kids”, and pirates.

Artists and amateurs, young and old, decorate clam guns/shovels and create art from clam shells for auction. Don’t miss the Chowder Cook Off, as they are judged for prizes and displayed throughout the festival for viewing. The judges will decide who truly is the Chowder Cook-Off Champion and gets the boasting rights of having “The Best Chowder on the Washington Coast!” Chefs serve clam chowder that is served in our local restaurants. There’s a little of something for everybody!