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Call to artists for ‘100 Birds on the Beach’ to celebrate Westport Centennial

City of Westport Centennial

Join the excitement of the City of Westport’s Centennial celebration. Gain exposure, sell your art and open a new market area. The South Beach Arts Association (SBAA) celebrates Westport, Washington’s Centennial with 100 Birds on the Beach, an artistic exhibit celebrating

Drag out those old crafts and finish that UFO

We’re talking about that UnFinished Object in the back of your craft room closet. That half-knitted hat, partly painted portrait or barely-beaded bracelet that haunts your dreams, begging for completion! Well, bring it on down to the SBAA Community Center on Tuesday

GHC offering classes at SBAA Community Art Center

The SBAA has three  classes being offered at the SBAA Community Art Center.

One Stroke Painting

In this class students will learn the basic acrylic painting strokes and how to load their brushes for one stroke. Also covered will be how