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US Army conducting helicopter exercises at Satsop Business Park

ELMA, Wash. – We’ll see some helicopters over the Satsop Business Park next week. The Regional Education and Training Center client, US Army SOAR(A) team, will be conducting aerial helicopter exercises the night of Wednesday, December 4, 2013. The exercises will begin approximately 7:00 pm and conclude approximately 11:00 pm.

Army SOAR(A) will also be conducting aerial recon on Monday, December 2, 2013, during the daytime for a daylight view of the Park and landing zones.

For their evening exercise on the 4th, the Army will be potentially utilizing all the Park helicopter landing zones. The Army does not anticipate landing at the Park – just flying over the zones for airborne drop of and pick up.

The RETC tells us they “do not anticipate this will cause any interference for the nearby community, or with normal Park business activities.

Port of Grays Harbor purchases NewWood Corp assets at Satsop Business Park

ELMA, Wash. – Recognizing the value of manufacturing jobs to the region’s economy, the Port of Grays Harbor Commissioners considered an innovative approach to revitalizing a shuttered manufacturing facility at Satsop Business Park during a special meeting Tuesday, November 5th.

The Port Commission granted Executive Director, Gary Nelson, authority to execute a $1.3 million Promissory Note and enter into an agreement with receiver Pivotal Solutions to purchase the assets of the NewWood Facility.

NewWood Corporation, which has been in receivership since November 2012, includes equipment assets that are located in a Port-owned building. In addition, the assets include intellectual property on the process of turning scrap plastics into usable building material. Attempts to find an operator to assume the lease and purchase the assets have been unsuccessful thus far but the latest two-fold approach may solve both issues.

“After analyzing the risk of the purchase of the assets against the rewards should we succeed in finding a user for the site, my fellow Commissioners and I felt the jobs and economic activity created, hedged against the liquidation value of the equipment, mitigated any financial risk to the Port,” explained Port Commission President Chuck Caldwell. “The facility is the centerpiece of the Satsop Business Park and the reward of establishing a West Coast manufacturing and distribution hub of a sustainable, innovative recycled product will be jobs for our citizens and increased economic opportunities for our area businesses.”

Port of Grays Harbor looks to buy NewWood facility from receivership

ELMA, Wash. – A sale of the mothballed NewWood facility at the Satsop Business Park could be on the horizon again, this time with a lot more public money involved. Exact details will be discussed at a public meeting 9 o’clock Tuesday morning at the Port Commissioners’ meeting room in Aberdeen.
Manager at the Satsop Business Park Alissa Shay tells us “On Tuesday we will be recommending to the Port commissioners that the Port of Grays Harbor purchase the assets of the New Wood Corporation from the receiver, we are also proposing that we sign a letter of intent with a company to operate the facility.”
The building turns wood waste and recycled plastic into a composite wood, and has yet to see a fruitful market despite efforts by Office Max, Boise Cascade and the previous owners, at full steam the mill employs as many as 150. Shay said it’s all a bit complicated and will be explained in detail at the special meeting.
The Montesano Vidette has a full article available for subscribers on their website,  or check next week’s edition with an update from the meeting.

Satsop Business Park not seeing the love from tunnels

ELMA, Wash. – The Satsop Business Park is re-evaluating one of their investments at the Elma facility, and asking whether they should be throwing money down a tunnel. “We’re very uncomfortable recommending that we invest more money in the facility if we don’t have the customers to back it up.” Manager Alissa Shay said that after hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to convert the cooling tower water lines into a tunnel rescue training complex, customers have yet to line up. “We’re definitely considering that, and that is why we took a step back when we realized that Seattle Fire and some of the other contractors wanted further improvements done to the facility we realized that we needed to strategize on whether or not we could make those improvements.”
Last October, about 30 members of the Seattle Fire Department were the first to use the 12-foot diameter pipes to conduct tunnel “safety and rescue” training. The department said at the time that they planned to use the new training center about 30 days a year.  Shay said SFD has been their only renter this year, for 1 week, netting about $10,000.
The Park plans to look at sponsorship possibilities, or even contracting the tunnels out to a private company. The tunnels, which are actually 12ft-diameter water pipes 27ft below ground, were excavated in 2012 with the training facility in mind.

Paramount Pictures hiring extras for local filming

ELMA, Wash. – The Transformers are coming to the Satsop Business Park this week, and they’re looking for some extras.
A Casting Coordinator with Paramount Pictures tells us they’re looking for clean-cut athletic, business, military, and law enforcement men and women 18 years or older, all ethnicities.
Email your current casual picture and cell phone number to ASAP
Scenes for the fourth installment of the live-action series directed by Michael Bay are being filmed in Elma this month.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ filming scenes in Grays Harbor

Satsop Business Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Receives Outstanding Performance Award

ELMA, Wash. – For the fifth consecutive year, Satsop Business Park received the Washington State Department of Ecology’s “Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance” award. 


The award recognizes wastewater treatment plants that achieve full compliance with effluent limits, monitoring and reporting requirements, spill prevention planning, pretreatment, and overall operational demands of the National Pollutant Elimination System (NPDES) permit.  


“We are extremely proud of our employees that oversee the wastewater treatment plant’s operations.  They are truly dedicated to ensuring successful operation of the plant on a daily basis – which is no easy task when you factor in events such as storms, flooding and aging equipment.  The wastewater treatment plan is a valuable asset to our existing tenants and is important to attracting new business to the Park”, noted Alissa Shay, Manager of Business Development at the Park.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ filming scenes in Grays Harbor

ELMA, Wash. – You just might see some new transformers at the Satsop Business Park next month, but these Transformers® will be fighting for their survival. The unfinished nuclear power plant in Grays Harbor is being used to film portions of the movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction” the fourth installment in the live-action series directed by Michael Bay.
Executive Director at the Port of Grays Harbor Gary Nelson confirmed this morning “Paramount pictures has, you know they were going to be filming earlier this summer and they got delayed until late September, early October.” While we might see the familiar cooling towers when the movie hits theaters next summer, Nelson said we probably won’t recognize the name “In the agreement we had to sign they said they may refer to it as something other than Satsop.”

Transformers: Age of Extinction

The title and first poster for the new film, starring Mark Whalberg and rumored to be introducing the dinobots, were released earlier this week.

The Satsop Business Park, in rural East Grays Harbor offers two unused nuclear towers, acres of natural evergreen forests, a campus like business park and office space for production crew activities.

“We’ve had interest from a few major Hollywood movie studios so we worked to get ahead of the curve and put together a fee structure and policy for filming at the Park,” expressed Alissa Thurman, Manager of Business Development at Satsop Business Park. 

Military explosives training in Satsop this week

SATSOP, Wash. – The Department of Justice, ATF, and military members of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units are training at the Satsop Business Park this week. The Regional Eduication and Training Center hosts the 8th Annual Raven’s Challenge. Daily helicopter flights, and military activity continue through the week at the base of the Satsop cooling towers in Elma.

Military explosives training in Satsop next week

SATSOP, Wash. – The Department of Justice, ATF, and military members of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units will be training at the Satsop Business Park next week. The Regional Eduication and Training Center will host the 8th Annual Raven’s Challenge. Around 200 are expected to be training at the site, with daily helicopter flights, and military activity at the base of the Satsop cooling towers in Elma throughout the week.