Level 1 Registered Sex Offender arrested after harrassing, and panhandling from, neighbors

    A level-1 registered sex offender in Hoquiam was arrested last week after he repeatedly harassed his elderly neighbor. Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us neighbors in the 1100 block of Soule Avenue reported that Christopher Grim was attempting to panhandle door-to-door. On January 30, 2014, Detective Sergeant Krohn updated the department regarding a level […]

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  • Sexually Violent Predator to be Released in Shelton Without Conditions

    Sexually Violent Predator, Gary E. Cherry, 50, Shelton will be released into the City of Shelton without restriction if a Mason County Superior Court hearing goes his way. His petition for release will be held at 8:30 AM on September 1st before Judge Amber Finlay.

    Gary E. Cherry, 50

    Cherry was declared a sexually violent predator by Mason County Superior Court in 1999. Cherry was placed in the Special Commitment Center (SCC) at McNeil Island. There he participated in a 6 step sex offender treatment program where he advanced to the 6th step in September, 2002. In February, 2003, Cherry was released, by court order, to a less restrictive alternative (LRA) placement at the McNeil Island Community Transition Facility. Cherry’s therapist has stated, “he has been able to consistently demonstrate an ability to meet all of the goals and expectations for phases 1-5. . .” On November 4, 2003, Cherry was conditionally released by Mason County Superior Court to an LRA placement to his private residence in Shelton. Since that time he has been under intensive supervision by the Department of Corrections, and has continued with sex offender treatment. Under this LRA Cherry has complied with all court ordered conditions. 

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  • Trespasser Arrested, Non-Registered Sex Offender Booked

    Raymond, WA- A trespassing arrest this week revealed a non-registered sex offender in Pacific County. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock tells us around 11:30 Wednesday morning a woman reported an unknown man on her property off of State Route 101 in the Butte Creek area. Investigators found a man matching the description at a neighboring house and placed him under arrest. After the man was identified as 35 year old Tyran L. Ward, Deputies discovered the man had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest and an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest because he failed to register as a sex offender in Cowlitz County. Ward was booked into Pacific County Jail for the warrants as well as Trespassing, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon and for Making a False Statement to a Public Servant.

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