• Dropped Cell Phone Sends Olympia Woman on Wild Ride

    HOQUIAM, Wash. – A dropped cell phone sent an Olympia woman on a wild ride near the Port of Grays Harbor last night in Hoquiam. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us a witness was following the 1993 Nissan Sentra just before 8 last night when she reported the car suddenly sped into the oncoming lane, through a small ditch,off a 7 foot enbankment, then continued through a chain link fence, over railroad tracks, and into a concrete abutment protecting railcars.

    It was pretty freaky, the car in front of me just all of a sudden starts speeding up, then makes a sharp turn to the left – only there’s no driveway, then a crunch and a bunch of smoke. – Accident Witness

    Detectives noted accelleration scuff marks on most of  the 250 foot path the vehicle dug through grass, gravel, and road. The driver, a 22 year old Olympia woman told the witness that she had dropped her cell phone on the floorboards and lost control while reaching down to get it.

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  • Suspect Apprehended After Escape From Hoquiam Courthouse

    Third degree Escape, and Obstructing Justice charges were filed against a man who was in Hoquiam Court on a domestic related complaint. When Judge Stewart informed the 28 year old man that he would be charged with escape if he left, he immediately left the courtroom, returned breifly, and then was confronted by Hoquiam City Attorney Steve Johnson when he attempted to leave a second time. A Struggle ensued, and the suspect fled just as Hoquiam officers arrived, he was tracked to an area near the railroad tracks and was taken into custody after a K-9 unit located him in a nearby brush thicket.

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