Grays Harbor PUD announces planned outage in Cedarville-Oakville

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District has announced a planned power outage which will impact PUD customers in the Cedarville-Oakville area of East Grays Harbor County. 

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Grays Harbor PUD announces planned outage in Cedarville-Oakville

The Grays Harbor Public Utility District has announced a planned power outage which will impact PUD customers in the Cedarville-Oakville area of East Grays Harbor County.  The outage will

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As Weather Warms, Waters Remain Dangerously Cold

OLYMPIA, Wash. - As a rash of boating accidents and fatalities hits the Northwest, Washington State Parks, the U.S. Coast Guard and the National Weather Service urge boaters to be very cautious on the water this weekend and always wear lifejackets.

Washington will see its third warm spring weekend in a row. According to Ted Buehner of the National Weather Service, temperatures across the east side of the state will be their warmest this season – in the 70s to lower 80s. On the west side, temperatures will be in the 60s and could even reach 70 in some places. Though temperatures will be unseasonably warm, waters will remain cold. Most river and creek temperatures across the state are in the mid 30s to mid 40s – temperatures that can easily cause hypothermia, according to Katherine Rowden, a hydrologist for the National Weather Service.

According to Washington State Parks accident data, there have been five non-motorized boating fatalities since March 17, 2012, which is more than in any other year since 2002. This rash of small craft accidents continues with at least two more accidents involving three people this past weekend. One accident occurred on the Chehalis River, where a man is still missing following an annual rafting event near Pe Ell. The other accident occurred off Blake Island and involved a canoe that capsized with two individuals; it’s unclear if any of them were wearing life jackets.

Flood Watch Issued Through Weekend

The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a FLOOD WATCH  for areas including Grays Harbor County beginning this morning through Sunday. The current forecast for this weekend is extremely wet with periods of heavy rainfall occurring due to a series of fast moving wet and warm weather systems. Coastal areas could see high wind gusts reaching 45-49 mph today. Each system will produce 1-3” of rainfall in the mountains. Many of the rivers are flowing higher than normal at this time and could present a flooding issue as the rainfall continues.


The Chehalis River -  is forecast to reach  flood stage at Porter sometime close to 10am Saturday morning. Flood Stage is 21 feet and the river is forecast to reach 21.1 feet. The impact will be minor area flooding on low pasture lands and roads.


No other rivers are predicted to reach flood stage at this time. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will continue to monitor all of the area rivers throughout the weekend.  







Chehalis River Receding, Landslides Still a Concern

MONTESANO, Wash. - The Chehalis River has reached it's flood stage at Porter, and is expected to recede by 2 this afternoon. Chuck Wallace with the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency tells us High tidal levels in Aberdeen will worsen flooding along the lower reaches of the Chehalis, with a high tide in Aberdeen Expected at 7:53 this morning we may still see some flooding in Aberdeen this morning.
Also still a concern is the likelihood of landslides. There have been several reports of Western Washington incidents, as well as one in Grays Harbor County. Wallace says areas of most concern are steep coastal bluffs and hillsides.

Record-setting payoff hooks pikeminnow anglers

Portland, OR - Lower, warmer water conditions are likely contributing to the bumper crop of pikeminnow caught during this year’s Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program.  Watch a video with fishing tips and program details. Compared to this time last year, the 2010 season numbers are ahead by 30,000 fish.

The program provides cash for catching pikeminnow, a large member of the minnow family, in the Columbia and Snake rivers. These voracious predators chow down on millions of young salmon and steelhead every year. Research shows that reducing the number pikeminnow helps salmon and steelhead survival.

One lucky angler has broken the individual record for catching specially tagged fish that are worth up to $500.  He has hooked 12 tagged fish and earned $6,000 in the process. Thousands of tagged fish are still available.

With nearly two months to go in the season, another angler has earned more than $51,000, nudging the record of nearly $58,000 for individual earnings.

Largest Summer Mobilization Ever Headed to Grays Harbor County

Grays Harbor County - Between August 12 and September 6 extra DUI patrols will travel Grays Harbor County roadways in search of impaired drivers.

This Drive Hammered, Get Nailed will be the largest summer DUI enforcement campaign ever with 172 agencies participating throughout the state.

Participating locally in the Drive Hammered, Get Nailed campaign are the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, the Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, McCleary, Montesano, Ocean Shores and Westport Police Departments, and the Washington State Patrol with the support of the Grays Harbor County Target Zero Task Force.

It is important because during the summer months - July through September - Washington experiences the greatest number of alcohol or drug impaired driver-involved traffic deaths (31 percent of the total impaired driving deaths occurred during the summer months between 2000 and 2009). And Labor Day weekend is one of Washington’s deadliest holidays, averaging more than seven deaths each year.

2009 Northern Pikeminnow Season Closes

Portland, Ore. - Tens of thousands of Northern pikeminnow, rapacious predators of young salmon, were caught this year as part of the 2009 Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Fishery Program, which ended Oct. 11.  The annual pikeminnow program, sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, was originally scheduled to run from May 1 through Sept. 27; however, it was extended for two weeks.

All told, 141,645 pikeminnow were caught this season in the Columbia and Snake rivers, down from a typical 160,000 to 200,000.

“This year the total number of pikeminnow caught was lower than in recent years, but we believe it’s due to the program doing what it was designed to do: reduce the number of pikeminnow in the river,” said Russell Porter, senior program manager for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.  “But that’s not to say that we should stop fishing for them."

Nighttime Seat Belt Enforcement Funding Granted to Grays Harbor County Law Enforcement

Grays Harbor County - Grays Harbor County Law Enforcement agencies have recently received a $13,000 grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission to conduct additional seat belt patrols this fall.

Part of the funding will support the upcoming Nighttime Seat Belt Emphasis patrols between October 23 and November 8. The remaining funding provides sustained seat belt patrols throughout Grays Harbor County.

Participating in the patrols are the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office, the Aberdeen, Cosmopolis, Elma, Hoquiam, Montesano, and Ocean Shores Police Departments, as well as the Washington State Patrol, with the support of the Grays Harbor County Target Zero Task Force.

Seat belts reduce the risk of injury and death by about 70 percent when worn correctly. As seat belt use has increased during the years, traffic deaths and serious injuries have dropped, falling to 518 in 2008 from 649 in 2001 in Washington State.

Grays Harbor PUD Power Outage Updates

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Power has been restored to the Grays Harbor City area west of Hoquiam after another brief outage in the area this afternoon. The outage occurred at about 11:30am and power was restored at about 1:55pm. Early this morning the area was impacted by an outage at 4:30am. Power was restored at  9:26am. It is believed the outages were due to tree branches impacting power lines. A tree trimming crew worked to clear branches.

Power was restored to the 20 customers on Porter Creek Road at 9:26 this morning.