No foul play expected in Hoquiam death investigation

Hoquiam police do not expect foul play in the investigation of a death yesterday. Several neighbors in the 2000 block of Broadway Avenue reported a woman outside of a trailer screaming about a man laying in bed with a gun.
Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us they discovered the man in the home, he appeared to have been dead for a while, a weapon was also recovered.  Patrol officers located the female down the road and transported her to the station for an interview. She was apparently a friend of the victim.

Myers said at this time, the police department is not considering this to be a homicide investigation. The Grays Harbor County Coroner’s Office will notify next of kin and determine the official manner of death.

Hoquiam man sentenced to prison for 5th DUI

A Hoquiam man was sentenced to prison for his fifth DUI earlier this month, the arresting officer, Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers thanked the County Prosecutor for getting tough on repeat DUI drivers.
Arresting documents show 55 year old Carl C. Weber was driving his son home from the hospital on a revoked license on April 15th when he tested at twice the legal limit for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. Interim County Prosecutor Gerald Fuller said on July 9th, just 4 days after Weber’s birthday, he was sentenced to 25 months for felony DUI.
Myers said in his report that the man repeated several times during the traffic stop, and his arrest, that he “was going to go to prison this time.”

“Swift and Certain” punishment model shines in Hoquiam City Jail

The Hoquiam City Jail is doing well, and after being closed for almost 10 years it could become a showcase for the State Department of Corrections. About 2 years ago, their “Swift and Certain” punishment model needed a jail for quick arrests and convictions of parole violators, instead of lengthy jail and court times. “From the street level, anecdotally I can that I think it works. I think it’s holding people accountable in a way that wasn’t working with the duration it took to get probation violators through the court system.” Police Chief Jeff Myers reported to the city council last night, “now they are proposing to extend the contract, which expires this year, out to 2017 and give us a maximum per diam of $85 per day per inmate.”
The city jail was closed for almost 10 years before Myers was able to re-open it part-time in 2012. Later that year partnering with the DOC, he said the contract saves ratepayers. “The citizens of Hoquiam receive a fulltime functioning city jail for about .20 cents on the dollar because of this DOC contract.” For that Myers thanked Hoquiam Senator Jim Hargrove “Senator Hargrove was the main sponsor, he continues to ‘kick’ the DOC when they need to be ‘kicked’ and make sure things move forward, he’s a big proponent of this.” The “Swift and Certain” model received national attention earlier this year when President Barack Obama announced he wants to expand on similar programs.

Hoquiam police report record turnout for DEA Drug Take Back Day

The Hoquiam Police Department partnered with the DEA for yet another successful “Drug Take Back Day” over the weekend, collecting 312 pounds of prescription drugs. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us their evidence custodian, Officer James Gaddis, staffed the police department lobby for the event. During the four hours, a total of 98 citizens stopped by to dispose of 312 pounds of medications. Myers said they filled eight large boxes, which will be shipped off to the DEA for incineration.

Since the Hoquiam Police Department began participating in the federal program 4 years ago, they have collected over 1142 pounds.

Myers added that by turning in medication at this free event, citizens were able to safety dispose of unwanted drugs; safe disposal prevents medications from getting into the hands of children, drug abusers and also keeps these chemicals out of the environment.

DEA Drug Take Back Day 2014


Results from previous years:

National Drug Take Back Program


September 25th 2010


21 people

2 boxes


May 2nd 2011


72 people

4 boxes


October 31st 2011


28 people

3 boxes


April 30th 2012


53 people

4 boxes


September 29th 2012


23 people

3 boxes
April 28th 2013


53 people

3 boxes


October 28th 2013


76 people



April 26th  2014



98 people

8 boxes

Two rescued from Beacon Hill house fire in Hoquiam

A volunteer firefighter, and Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers evacuated two elderly people from a Beacon Hill home as flames and smoke were visible from across the harbor yesterday afternoon.

Fire Chief Paul Dean reports no injuries “We had an off-duty firefighter from [North Hoquiam] District 6 who had his turnout gear with him. Dave Judd put his gear on went inside got the lady out, handed her over the railing to [Myers] and got her out. Then the water department was up here and had-jacked the supply line back to the hydrant for us. The guys once they got here had a quick knockdown on it and had it mostly contained to the garage.”

Dean said they had a couple of aid calls out when the fire was first reported just before 3 p.m. Tuesday. Neighbors reported 20 foot flames on the outside of the garage, Dean added “we’ll be investigating but the occupant reported hearing a pop and the power went out.” The home suffered only minor fire damage and some smoke damage, thanks in no small part to a couple of water department volunteers and Sgt. Jeff Salstrom who helped to run lines before the fire department could get trucks up the windy road. The garage and one car inside appeared to be a total loss, estimating $40,000 in damages.

Hoquiam police bag laundry room burglars

Hoquiam police arrested two men Friday morning, after finding one prying open the change box on an apartment’s washing machine. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us about 7 Friday morning, a citizen reported a burglary in progress in the laundry room of the apartment complex in the 400 block of Queen Avenue.

Sgt. Mitchell responded to the scene and observed an older white male standing in front of the window near the laundry entrance. The male looked at the sergeant, looked through the window and fled on foot.

Sgt. Mitchell looked through the window to see another white male standing in front of a washer machine with a screw driver in his hand prying on the coin box. Sgt. Mitchell found the door locked from the inside so he knocked on the window. The suspect, later identified as Michael Anderson, saw the officer and stopped prying on the machine. The suspect opened the door in surrender.

Anderson was arrested at the scene for burglary. In addition to the screwdriver, Sgt. Mitchell secured a crowbar and drug paraphernalia. The crowbar matched the pry marks on the door into the laundry room. Sgt. Mitchell also found fresh damage to the washing machines with one suffering severe damage with the coin box removed; it appeared Anderson had secured $4.50 in quarters for his efforts.

While detectives responded to assist in processing the crime scene, a resident advised Sgt. Mitchell of a man hiding on his nearby back porch. Sgt. Mitchell discovered this person, James Dudley, was Anderson’s look-out and was the man whom had fled upon the officer’s arrival. Dudley was also arrested for burglary.

Neither Anderson nor Dudley were residents of the apartment complex; according to the manager, the laundry room had been burglarized several times over the last month.

During the investigation, it would appear both suspects used controlled substances prior to deciding to burglarize the laundry room.

Anderson and Dudley were booked for burglary 2nd degree at the Grays Harbor County Jail.

Purse robbery near Grays Harbor YMCA prompts brief lockdown

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The YMCA of Grays Harbor was on lockdown this morning, after Hoquiam police report a purse robbery at knifepoint two blocks away. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us a K-9 unit was called in to assist, and police are working to contain a suspect in the area. The robbery was reported in the 2700 block of Aberdeen Avenue. We’ll give you more details as they become available.

The YMCA reports they are no longer locked down, and were given a desciption of the man as a white male, age 25, about 5’9″ heavyset with no facial hair wearing a blue hoody.

Hoquiam police proud of DEA Drug Takeback Day results

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Results from another Prescription Drug Takeback day are in, 76 people dropped off 166 pounds of prescription medication for disposal on Saturday. Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us to date, the station has collected and disposed of 773 pounds of unwanted local medication since 2010.

It’s a great opportunity to get rid of medications, and we’re really proud to be able to collect this medication and get it out of here.” – Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers

If you missed this weekend’s event and still have some meds to drop off, check for an interactive list of what you can dispose of where, or watch the Hoquiam Police Department for participation in the next national event.

Hoquiam dog attack sends three to hospital

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Two children and a babysitter were attacked by the family dog Friday afternoon, while a two year old was inside the home. Hoquiam Sgt. Jef Salstrom was the first to arrive to the fenced yard in the 2300 block of Sumner Avenue just after 4 Friday. He reported seeing a large mastiff type dog biting the head of an 8 year old boy, a 15 year old babysitter, and a three year old girl were taking shelter in an open shed in the yard.
Salstrom said he used his tazer at first because the boy was in the line of fire for lethal force, however when the dog began to charge at him he said the wires got caught up in bushes. He fired one round at the dog with his weapon, which gave him time get the boy to safety but when he returned for the girls, the dog charged him again. Salstrom said he fired two more rounds at the dog, which staggered and ran behind a shed.
Hoquiam Fire Captain Tim Smith told officers on scene that the boy’s injuries were “extensive,” all three children were transported to Community Hospital for treatment. The babysitter, who’s name we are not releasing, said on facebook that only the boy received stitches for his injuries.

Salstrom said after the children were removed from the yard, Raintree Vet was called in to euthanize the dog at the owner’s request. There was also a two year old boy inside the home at the time of the attack, but he was not involved.
Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us “the dog is owned by the residents and parents of the three youngest children. Apparently the dog is normally kept inside, but somehow escaped the home and possibly became enraged by the children jumping on the trampoline in the yard.”

This was a dynamic incident and I want to thank the neighbors and other citizens who came to the aid of Sgt. Salstrom as he rescued the children from the yard. I know this was traumatic incident for everyone involved, especially the children, and it will now be a matter of time and patience as the family focuses on healing.” – Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers

Lap dog distraction causes traffic accident in Hoquiam

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A 21-year old Hoquiam woman attempted to move the family dog from her lap while driving and swerved into a parked car Friday morning. Police Chief Jeff Myers tells us it happened in the 2700 block of Sumner Avenue, a woman was apparently distracted when she swerved to the right and struck the rear of a parked minivan suffering facial injuries.

An infant in a car seat was not injured, the woman was transported to Community Hospital, the dog ran from the vehicle after the impact, but was quickly recovered.

Neither vehicle was operable. The striking vehicle had to be towed from the scene as it was blocking traffic.

lap dog causes traffic accident