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Paddle to Quinault canoes ashore, celebration continues

            Quinault Tribal Councilman Rich Underwood, who handled much of the emcee duties during the landings said all went well. He said there had been some rough times for some of the canoes facing the elements of the ocean, but everyone is safe and for that he was very grateful. “This is a truly awesome event,” he said. “I’m so glad to see so many people on the beach. This is the most people this beach has seen in over 100 years!”

            “I am so excited for the Quinault people,” said Quinault President Fawn Sharp. “It is so important to celebrate our traditions—to keep our heritage alive for future generations. It’s a sunny day for our people.”

            Emmett Oliver, now 99 and the most elder Quinault, was on hand to witness the landings. He was the Quinault leader who organized the first journey in 1989, the Paddle to Seattle, which was celebrated in concert with the State of Washington Centennial Celebration. It has been celebrated, with various tribes and British Columbia First Nations hosting the event ever since. Quinault hosted it once before, in 2002. Since then it has tripled in size, and Oliver says he is very pleased that it has been so successful in helping the Indian people reconnect with their history, culture and heritage.

            Marilyn Bard, Oliver’s daughter, said his 14 year-old grandson, Owen, participated as a member of a canoe team for the first time this year. “That shows how powerful, and what a source of pride, this is,” she said.

            The theme of this year’s journey, “Honoring our Warriors,” was repeatedly acknowledged, as veterans were honored again and again for their service.

            Among the many photographers and videographers who are documenting this year’s journey is Chris Ayre, preeminent American Indian filmmaker and producer of “Smoke Signals.” Ayre’s filming of the event has been commissioned by Quinault and will be made available to the public at some time in the future to be announced.

            Volunteers for the Paddle to Quinault are still welcome and encouraged. For more information, go to www.PaddletoQuinault.org. Paddle to Quinault is an alcohol and drug free event.

Paddle to Quinault Scheduled August 1-6, Volunteers Welcome

            “All visitors are welcome, as is our tribal custom,” said Guy Capoeman, Journey Coordinator.  “The canoe journeys have always provided a great opportunity for tribes to get together, share our thoughts, stories, traditional dance and song, and strengthen our bonds of friendship. They are a great means to teach our children about their roots, history and traditional ways. They also provide a good opportunity for non-tribal people to get to know more about us, and strengthen relations between Indian and non-Indian communities,” he said.

            “The contemporary canoe journeys began in 1989,” said Capoeman.  “Emmett Oliver, a Quinault Tribal elder organized the Paddle to Seattle as a part of Washington State Centennial Ceremony, revitalizing the canoe tradition, which had been lost for many years. We now know this as the Canoe Journey. The Canoe Journey has become symbol of cultural revitalization on a national and even international level. We can expect anywhere from 90 U.S. Tribes, Canadian First Nations, and even New Zealand to join the celebration. In the past we have seen canoes from Alaska and even Hawaii join in on this event. It truly has become an amazing part of revitalized Northwest culture,” he said.

            “The Canoe Journey creates opportunities for tribal members to re-learn, strengthen and reinforce their canoe traditions. So many cultural values are learned from canoeing.  Among these are positive pride, cultural knowledge, respect, and a sense of both personal achievement and teamwork,” said Sharp.

            Volunteers are welcome to register at www.PaddletoQuinault.org

            “We need volunteers to have a successful event of this magnitude,” said Sharp. “We will welcome one and all.”

            Paddle to Quinault is an alcohol/drug-free event.