Oakville men arrested after taking electric lift on joyride

A pair of Oakville men are in serious trouble after joyriding a piece of equipment from a construction site Thursday night. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department tells us the

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Mason County Sheriff’s Office Moves To New Location

SHELTON, Wash. - After 80 years of operating in the Mason County Court House, the Sheriff’s Office has moved all of its operations to a new location.  The Sheriff’s Office new home is now located at 322 North 3rd Street in Shelton.

This move comes after the 2007 Mason County acquisition of the property formerly owned by the Seattle Diocese of the Catholic Church.  It was the site of St. Edwards Catholic Church administrative and education facilities which was across from the church itself at Third and Pine Street.  Only minor modifications to the building were required to make the facility suitable for the Sheriff’s Office.

The move to this building represents a significant improvement in efficiency and modernization of the Sheriff’s operations.  All Sheriff’s functions, except the jail, are now housed in the same building on two floors.  “Communication and efficiency have significantly improved between divisions” said Sheriff Casey Salisbury.