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ACTIVE AMBER Alert: Tyrel Henry – Mill Creek,WA

By Leap Mill Creek Police looking for missing and endangered 25 year old mother, 8 month old daughter, and two year old son. They are believed to be traveling in a burgundy 1997 Land Rover, Washington license plate #708VZU. Please Contact Mill Creek PD (Snohomish Co.) at 425-774-2503 …read more

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Aberdeen Police arrest shooting suspect Daniel Galeana-Ramirez


Aberdeen police have arrested the suspect in last week’s shooting, 20 year old Daniel Galeana-Ramirez was found on the South side of Aberdeen Wednesday afternoon. Police Captain John Green tells us they responded to a tip in the 1200 block of Harding road. Aberdeen officers and detectives located the suspects car in the driveway. The home was surrounded while detectives attempted to contact any person inside the home by phone.

At 3:28 P.M. the suspect walked out of the back door and surrendered to the police officers. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. The Aberdeen Regional Crisis Response Team secured the residence. The home is under police control while detectives apply for a search warrant.

Aberdeen Officers were assisted by deputies from the GHSO and officers from Hoquiam PD, and Cosmopolis PD.

The investigation is continuing.

Green said they believe Galeana-Ramirez shot another man Friday night after a confrontation in the 800 block of East 2nd street.
A 19 year old man was treated at Community Hospital for a gun shot wound to his leg, Galeana-Ramirez was living in the 700 block of West 3rd street.

Hoquiam Police Department gets accredited

Hoquiam Police Department
HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Hoquiam Police Department is heading into the New Year accredited by the Washington Association of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs.
Hoquiam Chief Jeff Myers said they’ve worked for 7 years to complete this voluntary program. “It’s an opportunity for an agency to look top-to-bottom and meet 132 standards that are set forth by the organization [and] considered the best practices in our profession.”
Myers said they’ve made changes, and have seen changes over the past seven years, including the new partnership with the state Department of Corrections to re-open the city jail. “It’s been a long, ongoing – I would say battle some days. We’ve had major change in the last seven years at the Hoquiam PD.”
Myers commended Officer Phil High, who stepped forward this year to help complete the process. Hoquiam joins 55 other agencies to earn the accreditation, out of 300 law enforcement agencies in Washington.

ID thieves tracked to Ocosta home after alert resident follows mail-littering car

 The citizen was observant enough to get a good description of the male and two female occupants of the vehicle and also followed the vehicle, giving law enforcement updates as to its direction of travel.  The citizen then last reported the vehicle turning onto Euclid Avenue in Ocosta. 


Deputies located the vehicle abandoned up a dirt road off of Euclid Avenue.  With the assistance of Westport PD, deputies followed tracts to a nearby residence off of Ocosta 3rd Street and eventually located a male and two females inside that residence.  The three subjects were hiding inside one of the rooms.  The three subjects matched the description given by the concerned citizen and were found next to numerous items that deputies believed to be stolen.  Deputies also found more mail from other addresses.  The three subjects were subsequently arrested.  The male was a 32 year old from Seattle that had ties to the Harbor.  His mother was the resident at this location.  The two females were associates of the male, and were 25 and 27 years of age, both from Enumclaw.  Neither appeared to have any ties to the Harbor.  The male subject refused to cooperate with investigators however the two females have been. 


This morning, investigators are continuing to determine where these three individuals have been and what crimes they have been committing.  Investigators are also looking through all the mail and working on contacting the addresses where the thefts have occurred.  It is believed the male subject was responsible for the attempted burglary to the residence on Carney Drive of Aberdeen, and at least one other burglary on South Arbor Road.  Investigators are also looking into a possible link to mail thefts that occurred earlier in the week off of Ocean Beach Road.  The investigation is ongoing.  

Aberdeen man refuses to get off hood of his stolen car, recovers car

Officers were told that the suspect had come inside the victims house, obtained the keys to the car, and had attempted to steal the car. They were also told that the homeowner had recovered the car from the suspect and that the suspect had fled the area on foot.

The responding officers had been given a description of the suspect. They began to set up a containment so a track could be attempted by the Aberdeen K-9 team of Officer Steve Timmons and Titus.

The victims were contacted by an Aberdeen Officer. They told him that he and his wife had just turned out the lights in the house. They were in the bedroom when they heard someone inside the house. Thinking it may be his son the victim walked out to the front room. He reported seeing a subject walking out the back of the house and toward the area their cars are parked.

The male victim heard one of their cars start. He asked his wife if she gave their son permission to use the car. When she told him no the male went out to the car to tell his son to stop using the car. When he went to his car he saw that it was not his son in the drivers seat, but a man he did not recognize.

The owner of the car yelled for the suspect to stop. The suspect backed the stolen car into the victims other car. It was reported to the investigating officers that the suspect then put the stolen car into drive and moved toward the victim male, striking him in his left leg causing an abrasion on his knee.

The victim male said he jumped on the hood of his car as the suspect started heading down Perry Street. The victim said the suspect accelerated rapidly down Perry Street and then stopped abruptly. The male was still on the hood of the car. It was reported that the suspect backed up and then went forward, stopping again in an apparent effort to throw the owner from the hood of his car.

The owner was on the hood of the car when the suspect jumped out of the car while leaving it in drive. The victim told the police that the suspect said something to him about the victim chasing the car himself.

The suspect fled on foot as the stolen vehicle rolled forward. The owner was able to get into the car and get it stopped.

Aberdeen Officers, with the assistance of Officers from Hoquiam PD and Cosmopolis PD, began a track with the Aberdeen K-9 team. K-9 Titus and Officer Steve Timmons tracked to a home in the 1000 Block of West Cushing Street.

A female came out of the home and contacted the Aberdeen Officers. She was cooperative with the investigating officers. Two male subjects walked out of the house. The male victim was brought to the location and he positively identified one of the males as the suspect who had tried to steal his car.

A 27 year old transient male was taken into custody for residential burglary, theft of a motor vehicle, vehicle assault, DWLS 3rd degree, making a false statement, and hit and run unattended. The suspect is well known to local law enforcement and is currently in custody in the City of Aberdeen jail.

The investigation is continuing.

Quinault Police work with Ocean Shores PD to cap stolen liquor, 3 arrested

Their initial investigation led them to believe that these subjects may have stolen the alcohol from Ocean Shores.

Sgt. McManus went to Taholah to interview the juveniles. McManus recognized one of the subjects as being on the surveillance video that he had viewed earlier. The three suspects from the burglary were identified through interviews. One suspect confessed to the burglary. Some of the stolen alcohol was recovered from the suspects.

Due to the age of the suspects, 14 to 17, the report will be sent to the Grays Harbor County Juvenile Prosecutor for possible charges. The juveniles were released to their relatives.